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  1. Reflections on Therapeutic Storymaking

    Reflections on Therapeutic Storymaking

    The Use of Stories in Groups

    Alida Gersie

    With a strong emphasis on working in group settings, this book develops both the theory and practice of storymaking, enlivened by many examples from various cultures in which Gersie has worked. The author reflects on the dynamics of the storytelling process and explores the common experiences and attitudes which emerge in story work. Learn More
    1997, 224pp
  2. Psychodrama


    Group Psychotherapy as Experimental Theatre

    Eva Røine

    This is a comprehensive work which stems from the author's knowledge and experience of psychology, the theatre and psychodrama. It includes discussion of the theory behind psychodrama as well as the methods used in its practice; Roine writes of technical concepts in an accessible style, giving examples from her work in America and Norway. Learn More
    1997, 224pp
  3. Storymaking and Creative Groupwork with Older People

    Storymaking and Creative Groupwork with Older People

    Paula Crimmens

    Paula Crimmens shows that working with older people can be made exciting and stimulating by using storymaking as a basis. Echoing the oral tradition of mankind, the book shows how to use a variety of traditional stories - including myths, folk tales and fairy stories - to work creatively with older people, particularly in groups. Learn More
    1997, 160pp
  4. Introduction to Dramatherapy

    Introduction to Dramatherapy

    Theatre and Healing - Ariadne's Ball of Thread

    Sue Jennings

    Jennings presents a 'healing theatre' approach to dramatherapy, showing how it is part of our cultural experience of theatre art, and how it can be used to find a bearable means of facing the beast at the heart of the labyrinth. She maintains that by participating in theatre as well as exploring our past, a new pathway to fulfilment is opened. Learn More
    1997, 192pp
  5. Trust and Power

    Trust and Power

    Taking Care of Ourselves through Drama

    Penny Casdagli

    Trust and Power is a sequence of interactive drama-based workshops that have been developed over seven years to explore with issues with young people. Using situations from real life, each workshop uses exercises to examine the positive and negative aspects of their respective themes, and how they relate to the central themes of trust and power. Learn More
    1998, 200pp
  6. Rhythm and Timing of Movement in Performance

    Rhythm and Timing of Movement in Performance

    Drama, Dance and Ceremony

    Janet Goodridge

    Despite the richness of the subject and the importance frequently ascribed to the phenomena of rhythm and timing in the arts, the topic as a whole has been neglected. Janet Goodridge writes from a practical movement background and draws on a wide range of sources to illuminate the subject in relation to theatre, drama, dance, ceremony, and ritual. Learn More
    1999, 288pp
  7. Special Talents, Special Needs

    Special Talents, Special Needs

    Drama for People with Learning Disabilities

    Ian McCurrach and Barbara Darnley

    This is a handbook for teachers and facilitators working with people with learning disabilities who are interested in creative expression through drama. Based on their considerable experience working with the Strathcona Theatre Company, Ian McCurrach and Barbara Darnley have created a step-by-step guide to running a drama group. Learn More
    1999, 240pp
  8. Creativity and the Dissociative Patient

    Creativity and the Dissociative Patient

    Puppets, Narrative and Art in the Treatment of Survivors of Childhood Trauma

    Lani Alaine Gerity

    Lani Gerity shows in this book that puppet-making, incorporating both art and narrative, provides an ideal vehicle for therapeutic work. It is particularly valuable in the treatment of dissociative patients, whose symptoms may include disturbances in body image, a dissociated sense of self and a feeling of alienation from the self. Learn More
    1999, 160pp
  9. Authentic Movement

    Authentic Movement

    Essays by Mary Starks Whitehouse, Janet Adler and Joan Chodorow

    Edited by Patrizia Pallaro

    Authentic Movement, an exploration of the unconscious through movement, was largely defined by the work of Mary Starks Whitehouse, Janet Adler and Joan Chodorow. The basic concepts of Authentic Movement are expressed for the first time in one volume through interviews and conversations with these important figures, and their key papers. Learn More
    1999, Paperback / softback, 9.13in x 6.14in / 232mm x 156mm, 320pp, $44.95
    ISBN: 978-1-85302-653-9
    1999, Ebook, ePUB, 320pp, $44.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84642-992-7
  10. Supervision and Dramatherapy

    Supervision and Dramatherapy

    Edited by Elektra Tselikas-Portmann

    This book explores the ways in which dramatherapy techniques and concepts can be applied to supervision, and looks at how supervisions are conducted within the field of dramatherapy. The contributors offer insights into the relationships between supervisor, supervisee and client, and the dramatic roles that unfold during the supervision process. Learn More
    1999, 240pp

Items 11 to 20 of 65 total

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