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System Requirements

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Mind Reading was developed in 2007 and Mac OS 10.7 and later is not supported, and it is not guaranteed to work on Windows 7 and above.

In order to install and run Mind Reading products you should have a computer with the following:

  • Minimum screen resolution 800 x 600, with 16-bit colour display.
  • Sound card and speakers required.
  • CD-ROM* drive to install from optical disk (2.5 GB free space needed on hard drive)
  • DVD-ROM drive to play from optical disk**


There are some problems with running Mind Reading on Windows. Please make sure you install Mind Reading directly onto the C: drive rather than into a Program Files folders as Windows would automatically do. This should enable Mind Reading to open properly.

* If you have a CD-ROM drive you will not be able to run Mind Reading directly from the CD-ROM, but will have to install the entire application onto your hard disk, requiring at least 2.5GB of free disk space for the Full Version and 140MB for the Emotions Library.

** FULL VERSION ONLY (300 MB free space needed on hard drive).