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Main Features

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Emotions Library

Here you can study 412 different emotions organised into 24 related groups. Six video clips are provided for each emotion showing close-up performances by a wide range of people (old, young, men, women, boys, girls, etc).

Six audio clips are also provided with the chosen emotion being expressed in the appropriate tone of voice. There are written definitions, synonyms, notes, a search facility and a scrapbook where you create and organise your own collections.

The Emotions Library is also available to purchase separately.

Mind Reading Emotions Library


Learning Centre

This area of the product is intended to help people who have difficulty recognising emotions. It has been designed particularly with the needs of those with autism spectrum disorders and Asperger Syndrome in mind.

A variety of lessons and quizzes are provided to present emotions in a systematic way and then to test recognition. The difficulty of the lessons can be adjusted to suit a wide range of ages and ability levels.

A rich set of collectible rewards is provided to help motivate students.

Mind Reading Learning Centre


Games Zone

If you just want to have fun with emotions, then play one of the games in this section of the product. See how world famous actor Daniel Radcliffe reacts to being offered some raw squid! Visit a school, an office or a market to guess how the people there are feeling. Play a fast moving card game where you have to match the faces to win.

The games zone encourages informal learning about emotions in a less structured setting.

Mind Reading Games Zone