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Art therapy

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  1. Art Therapy in Theory and Practice

    Art Therapy in Theory and Practice

    Elinor Ulman

    1976, Paperback / softback, 432pp, $35.00
    ISBN: 9780961330989
  2. The Artist in Each of Us

    The Artist in Each of Us

    Revised Edition

    Florence Cane

    1983, Paperback / softback, 370pp, $21.95
    ISBN: 9780961146207
  3. Art Therapy in Practice

    Art Therapy in Practice

    Edited by Marian Liebmann

    1989, 192pp
  4. California Art Therapy Trends

    California Art Therapy Trends

    Edited by Evelyn Virshup

    1993, Paperback / softback, 431pp, $29.95
    ISBN: 9780961330934
  5. Art Therapy with Offenders

    Art Therapy with Offenders

    Edited by Marian Liebmann

    This first collection of art therapy work with offenders describes how the use of art therapy has grown in prisons, young offender institutions, secure psychiatric and probation centres. Examples of work by people of different backgrounds show how art therapy contributes to the understanding of offenders, and to their understanding of themselves. Learn More
    1994, 320pp
  6. A Multi-Modal Approach to Creative Art Therapy

    A Multi-Modal Approach to Creative Art Therapy

    Arthur Robbins

    This text recasts Arthur Robbins' early work within the framework of modern psychodynamic theory. The creative intent of this text is to offer a structure that is not limited to one therapeutic model and to open up the doors for the creative art therapist to be effective with a wide range of patient populations. Learn More
    1994, 386pp
  7. Art Therapy and Dramatherapy

    Art Therapy and Dramatherapy

    Masks of the Soul

    Sue Jennings and Ase Minde

    Based on more than ten years of research and practice of art therapy and dramatherapy in training, clinical practice and theory, this book is the first to explore the relationship and differences between these two disciplines. It shows how images such as the body, doors, bridges, journeys and masks can be used effectively in therapy. Learn More
    1994, 224pp
  8. What Do You See?

    What Do You See?

    Phenomenology of Therapeutic Art Expression

    Mala Betensky

    The author presents a varied menu of ideas and experiences in many areas - in research, in diagnosis, and in psychotherapy, each using art media with patients of all ages. She integrates art, phenomenology and gestalt psychology, describing specific techniques and findings. The book is for art therapists and advanced students. Learn More
    1995, 280pp
  9. The Gestalt Art Experience

    The Gestalt Art Experience

    Patterns That Connect (Revised Edition)

    Janie Rhyne

    1996, Paperback / softback, 225pp, $26.95
    ISBN: 9780961330965
  10. Something to Draw On

    Something to Draw On

    Activities and Interventions using an Art Therapy Approach

    Carol Ross

    Arising from concerns about children presenting behavioural difficulties, this book outlines a number of useful approaches for teachers and others to use with individuals, small groups and classes. Its approach is designed to be used in a variety of settings such as schools, special needs education, counselling, speech therapy and youth work. Learn More
    1996, 150pp

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