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Announcement: Due to the increased risk to health of Covid-19, JKP employees will be working from home for the next few weeks starting from Monday 16th March to help reduce the spread of the virus. Please visit our contact us page for the best way to get in touch during this time.

New Titles

  • Frog's Breathtaking Speech

    Frog's Breathtaking Speech

    How children (and frogs) can use yoga breathing to deal with anxiety, anger and tension

    Michael Chissick, Sarah Peacock

    Frog is very worried as he has an important speech to make at his scho...

  • The Memory and Processing Guide for Neurodiverse Learners

    The Memory and Processing Guide for Neurodiverse Learners

    Strategies for Success

    Alison Patrick, Matt Patrick

    Practical guide to support students who struggle with memory and proce...

  • Gender Explorers

    Gender Explorers

    Our Stories of Growing Up Trans and Changing the World

    Juno Roche, Susie Green, Cara English, Jay Stewart

    Life-affirming and inspiring interviews with young trans people who ar...

  • The Every Body Book

    The Every Body Book

    The LGBTQ+ Inclusive Guide for Kids about Sex, Gender, Bodies, and Families

    Rachel E. Simon, Noah Grigni

    This vibrant and beautifully illustrated book teaches children sex, ge...

  • The Quick Guide to Therapeutic Parenting

    The Quick Guide to Therapeutic Parenting

    A Visual Introduction

    Sarah Naish, Sarah Dillon, Kath Grimshaw

    The ideal starting point for understanding therapeutic parenting. This...

  • Character Toolkit Strength Cards

    Character Toolkit Strength Cards

    Elizabeth Wright, Frederika Roberts, David O'Connell

    This interactive card set enables children, alongside their teachers, ...


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