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Secret, Secret

Secret, Secret

Daisy Law

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There are lots of different types of secrets - some to keep, some to tell, some to lock up and others to yell! In this book there are secrets of all kind, open up and see what you find.
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2016, 10.04in x 7.17in / 255mm x 182mm, 40pp
ISBN: 9781785920424

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2016, PDF, 40pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-294-2
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Secret, secret. Keep or tell?
Stay hush-hush or shout and yell?

There are lots of different types of secrets. There are big secrets, small secrets, ones you'd never tell, ones you want to tell, ones you keep locked up, or hidden under your bed. There are ones that make you smile, and others that make you scared.

This charming picture book subtly explores the different types of secrets children may have, and encourages them to feel confident to share their secrets. It will be perfect for any child aged 3-7 who has trouble opening up and provides a great opportunity for discussing the things we should and shouldn't keep secret. The book also includes a section at the end for adults on how to respond to disclosures.


'Parents ask me all the time: how do I have these conversations with my child? I see this little book as a precious resource that can be used to start - and continue - conversations with children about their worries; what's a good secret; what's a not so good secret; and what's definitely not to be kept a secret. A nice balance is kept throughout the book, the colourful images are attractive, and it conveys a gentle message to children while supporting adults with the explanatory notes at the end. I would definitely recommend this book.'
- Rosaleen McElvaney, Clinical Psychologist and author of Helping Children to Tell About Sexual Abuse

'All children need to develop emotional intelligence: this book is a very helpful tool to use to this end; it deserves a place in primary classrooms, children's centres, in fact anywhere that children are cared for and their well-being of vital importance.'
- Red Reading Hub, Jillrbennet's Reviews of Children's Books


By (author): Daisy Law