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  1. Dancing on Blood

    Dancing on Blood

    Arthur Robbins

    Arthur Robbins, a pioneer in art therapy, demonstrates how aesthetic communication transforms psychodynamic treatment. In brief focused art therapy, the patient lives out her life theme: follow your spirit by living on the edge. In this moving dialogue, principles of art therapy are elaborated and brought to life. Learn More
    2001, VHS video, 7.87in x 4.65in / 200mm x 118mm, 91 minutes, £30.17
    ISBN: 978-1-84310-702-6
  2. Social Language Groups

    Social Language Groups

    Sally Bligh

    As the director of the Bligh Speech Therapy Center and as an SLP for over 20 years, Sally has developed successful techniques and strategies for working with children on the autistic spectrum. In this video, she explains the use of Social Language Groups to facilitate social communication. Learn More
    2000, VHS video, 7.56in x 4.17in / 192mm x 106mm, 20 minutes, £23.92
    ISBN: 978-1-85302-989-9

2 Item(s)

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