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  1. The Anti-Bullying Game

    The Anti-Bullying Game

    Yvonne Searle and Isabelle Streng

    The Anti-Bullying Game enables both victims and bullies to understand the dynamics underlying bullying behaviour and helps them to explore more adaptive interaction styles. Exploring the mechanisms behind passive and provocative behaviour, the game focuses on interactive processes, communication, belief systems and assertiveness. Learn More
    1996, Game, 14.49in x 10.47in / 368mm x 266mm, £52.39
    ISBN: 978-1-85302-335-4
  2. The Divorced and Separated Game

    The Divorced and Separated Game

    Yvonne Searle and Isabelle Streng

    The Divorced & Separated Game is of special use for those who are finding it difficult to cope with or understand the pain and upheaval surrounding separation. The game can be played with groups of siblings, peers or children from reconstituted families, and is also suitable for working with individuals Learn More
    1996, Game, 10.39in x 14.41in / 264mm x 366mm, £43.66
    ISBN: 978-1-85302-334-7
  3. The Obesity Game

    The Obesity Game

    Isabelle Streng and A.M. Stradmeijer

    The Obesity Game is devised to identify and change behavioural eating and exercise patterns and to facilitate the understanding and disclosure of the complex feelings these children experience. It educates them about food facts, metabolism, dieting and addresses challenging emotional issues related to denial and shame. Learn More
    2006, Game, 14.41in x 10.47in / 366mm x 266mm, £43.66
    ISBN: 978-1-84310-377-6
  4. The Chronic Illness Game

    The Chronic Illness Game

    Isabelle Streng and A.M. Stradmeijer

    The Chronic Illness Game facilitates the improvement of social skills and coping strategies in children with a chronic illness who often suffer from impaired psychological and social development. The game should be facilitated by a health or mental health professional and is intended for use with groups of up to six players or with families. Learn More
    2006, Game, 14.41in x 10.47in / 366mm x 266mm, £43.66
    ISBN: 978-1-84310-376-9
  5. The Choices Game

    The Choices Game

    Staying Safe in Social Situations

    Christopher McMaster

    This fun game teaches young people the social skills they need to stay safe in school and in the wider community. Choice Cards invite players to imagine themselves in a scenario and choose how they would respond in that situation. The outcome is then revealed, and the more safe choices they make the further they progress in the game! Learn More
    2011, Game, 12.13in x 8.54in / 308mm x 217mm, £20.00
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-189-7
  6. I am Special

    I am Special

    The Autism Board Game

    Peter Vermeulen with Autisme Centraal

    Work together to build your own cartoon character! Perfect for educational settings, this collaborative board game shows the many ways in which we are all unique - to be used with young people with autism and those who are neurotypical. Learn More
    2018, Game, 12.20in x 8.82in / 310mm x 224mm, £58.33
    ISBN: 9781785924972

6 Item(s)

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