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Paediatric Chaplaincy

Paediatric Chaplaincy

Principles, Practices and Skills

Edited by Paul Nash, Mark Bartel and Sally Nash

Quick Overview

Paediatric chaplaincy requires a range of approaches, both in terms of administering spiritual care in a multifaith setting and the complexities of working with children who have a serious illness or disability. This is a research-based best practice guide, covering core principles and skills and as well as specialist care situations.
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Paperback / softback
2018, 9.06in x 6.81in / 230mm x 173mm, 320pp
ISBN: 9781785920769
2018, ePUB, 176pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-337-6
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Drawing on a range of approaches developed by paediatric chaplaincy teams worldwide, this edited collection provides best principles, practices and skills of chaplaincy work with neonates, infants, children, young people and their families.

By engaging with paediatric chaplaincy from an international, multifaith perspective, contributors from around the world and different faith traditions show what good spiritual, religious and pastoral care for children and their families looks like. The book contains contributions from specialists who work with children with mental health issues or profound disabilities, as well as chapters that focus on how best to provide palliative and bereavement care. Includes resources and activities for use in specialist care situations and tools for assessment, making this a must-have for any paediatric chaplaincy team working in a hospital or hospice.


'Children's chaplains are simply amazing; stepping forward at what can often be the most difficult and desperate time of a family's life to provide loving care. This outstanding book is a brilliant resource to help this special community learn, share practice and inspire each other to new heights for the children, young people, families and colleagues who rely on them every day.'
- Sarah-Jane Marsh, Chief Executive Officer, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s Hospital

'Paediatric Chaplaincy provides an empathetic and comprehensive guide to the complex work of supporting children and families spiritually during times of serious illness, palliative care, and death. An international array of authors offers evidence-based practices that respect diverse spiritual traditions, family systems, racial/ethnic identities, and sociocultural locations. A must-read for all chaplains and an excellent reference text for all clergy, educational administrators, and non-profit leaders who work with children and youth.'
- Karen-Marie Yust, Rowe Professor of Christian Education, Union Presbyterian Seminary

'Pediatric chaplaincy finally has what it has so far lacked - a comprehensive text that covers all the major bases of the field combining the best of theory, research, and day-to-day clinical practice. This volume should be on the shelf of every chaplaincy department and every chaplain that sees pediatric patients. This is now the go-to teaching text and reference work in the field. Bravo to the editors and authors.'
- Rev. George Handzo, BCC, Director, Health Services Research & Quality, HealthCare Chaplaincy Network

'Paediatric Chaplaincy fills a niche in the growing literature on chaplaincy and will prove itself to be a stimulating resource for chaplains working in that field. Yet the book also speaks to chaplaincy issues beyond paediatric care. The comprehensive nature of the editors' vision has produced a collection of papers that will be of value to chaplains in any healthcare field.'
- Revd Dr Steve Nolan, Princess Alice Hospice, Esher, and The University of Winchester

'I am delighted to endorse this great new resource. Rarely have I found a reference book so enjoyable to read, while providing the reader with a rich source of valuable information on spirituality, religious and pastoral care. This book, with references for further reading and suggested approaches provides a much needed resource for all those working with children and young people to develop understanding and skills.'
- Katrina McNamara, Director of Service Development and Improvement, Together for Short Lives