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Support Frequently Asked Questions

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Installing Mind Reading

Windows issues

Apple Macintosh issues

Network issues (version 1.3 only)

Using Mind Reading

Installing Mind Reading

I keep get the following message when trying to open the program: "Please make sure the the DVD-ROM is correctly inserted into the drive." ^

The computer usually asks for the DVD when it cannot find the 'emotions' folder on the C: drive (in a PC) or its Mac equivalent. Make sure the 'emotions' folder with all its contents is actually on the hard drive, and is at the top level. e.g. C:\Emotions

My Serial Number doesn't work. ^

It can be easy to mistake lowercase Ls for number 1s or the number 0 (zero) for an uppercase o. All the letters are lowercase, so a 0 is the number 0 (zero). Lowercase L (l) and number 1 are both used in the serial numbers for Mind Reading, so please try both versions.

Windows issues

I want to install Mind Reading on Windows Vista or Windows 7. ^

Mind Reading does work on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but it does not work with the default installation settings. This is because of the security settings in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

To install Mind Reading you need to make sure you are installing it using an administrator account, and you need to install it to a folder other than "Program Files".

When you install Mind Reading you are given the option of where to install. Rather than selecting the default setting, choose the C:\ drive. (If you already have Mind Reading installed in "Program Files" you should be able to move the whole folder to the C:\ drive).

I can't see a shortcut to Mind Reading when I install it on Windows Vista or Windows 7. ^

Shortcuts are not created correctly when you install Mind Reading on Windows Vista. You can open Mind Reading by going to the search bar and typing Mind Reading. Mind Reading will come up in the list of programs.

I have a problem loading the CD version onto my computer. ^

Some people have had problems installing the CD version, having used MR_setup.exe on the first of four CD's. The problem can be solved by following these instructions:

  1. Uninstall Mind Reading from your system (the faulty installation).
  2. Insert CD no. 1 to the drive and copy the folder called "emotions" from it to the root directory of your hard drive (probably C:\). You can do it by dragging and dropping or by using "copy" and "paste". This might take a while.
  3. Insert CD no. 2, enter the 'Emotions' folder on it and copy all the folders from there to the Emotions folder you've already got on your hard drive (C:\Emotions). Make sure you are copying the folders to the Emotions folder and not to any of its sub folders.
  4. Insert CD no. 3 and repeat step 3.
  5. Insert CD no. 4 and repeat step 3.
  6. Picture of the installation screen Insert CD no. 1 again and double click "setup". Follow the installation steps. When asked, uncheck the box that says "Mind Reading Full Install including Data (2.5Gb)". You should see "Mind Reading Standard Install" is greyed out - this means it will be installed. If you have a version of Quicktime which is more up to date, you would not need to install Quick time 5. Complete the installation, remove the CD and start Mind Reading.

How should the folders look when I've done the installation? ^

The Mind Reading folder should look like this:

Mind Reading folder

The emotions folder should look like this:

Mind Reading emotions folder

In Windows XP, after saying installation complete, when I click on the icon it says 'Application cannot run'. ^

  1. Go to the folder: C:\program files\mind reading
  2. right click on the file called MindReading
  3. choose 'properties'
  4. go to the 'compatibility' tab
  5. tick the box that says 'run this program in compatibility mode for:'
  6. from the drop down menu choose windows 98
  7. click 'apply' (bottom right) and then 'OK'.
  8. Try to restart Mind Reading.

I have installed Mind Reading on Windows XP but am unable to run it when I log in as a different user. ^

This is an issue with the permissions for the User information. To solve it:

  1. When you are in the administrator account that you used to load Mind Reading, go to C:\Program Files\Mind Reading\Apps
  2. Right click on the Users folder and choose Properties
  3. Click on the security tab at the top of the window that opens. You should see a list of groups. Click on the Users group and in the box underneath (Permissions for Users) check the 'write' box
  4. Click OK
  5. Now, you should be able to use Mind Reading from any account.
  6. It is possible, but unlikely, that you will need to change the permissions on the Mind Reading program itself. That is at C:\Program Files\Mind Reading and you should right click on MindReading.exe and make the same changes. This should not be necessary however.
  7. To make a shortcut to Mind Reading on other user's desktops, log in to their account and go to C:\Program Files\Mind Reading
  8. Right click on the MindReading.exe file and choose Send To and Create an Icon on the Desktop.

Apple Macintosh issues

I can't run the DVD version of Mind Reading on an Apple Mac. ^

There is a known problem with some of the DVDs, which causes Mind Reading DVD to not run on an Apple Mac. Find out more.

When I open Mind Reading, I get a black frame and the program doesn't run, on a Mac running OSX. ^

There is a known problem with some of the CDs, but you can solve it by finding out more.

Network issues (version 1.3 only)

When installing over a network, how should I write the network path in the network.ini file? ^

Do not include the \Emotions\ folder in the path.

For example, when just linking to the c:\ drive, if the files existed in c:\Emotions\ then you would put 'c:\'.

And, as another example, if the files exist on a network called 'jkp' and you have installed into a Mind Reading EL folder (which has the Emotions folder within it), you should put "\\jkp\Mind Reading EL\".

Using Mind Reading

How can I print out Mind Reading screens? ^

There are activity sheets on the top level of the DVD or CD #1 which use images from Mind Reading. These sheets are in PDF format and can be printed out using Adobe Acrobat. You can also take screen shots on your computer and print out the pictures that result as needed.

Why are all 24 emotion groups not visible? ^

Check which Level and Helper you are using. Child Helper and Emoto automatically filter out some 'adult' words. Also, not all groups are available at the lower levels. You might also check in Mind Reading Manager to see if the Parental Control box has been ticked.

Why is audio help not working? ^

Check that you do not have your volume settings on Mute. You might have chosen 'None' as your helper in which case you will need to pick either Adult, Child or Emoto under Change Helper in order to have audio help. Otherwise you may need to check your Mind Reading Manager settings.

Videos of faces or audio tones of voice are not playing. ^

Make sure you have installed QuickTime 5 or later on your computer. This is on the Mind Reading disk with an installer.

How come videos play back oddly in certain places? ^

Check your QuickTime Settings. On Windows there have been some reported issues with this. You could try the following:

  • click on the Start menu and choose Settings | Control Panel | QuickTime
  • choose Video Settings from the drop-down menu
  • uncheck "Enable Direct Draw." - leave "Enable DCI" selected
  • close the QuickTime Control Panel and try running Mind Reading again.

If this does not fix the problem, or if you have other problems with QuickTime, consult Apple's QuickTime and QuickTime support pages.

In addition, OS X users are likely to experience problems with the video (white and grey pixels) in specific areas if they are using a laptop with less than 256MB of memory. This has been a problem with users who have 128MB of memory in the Emotions Library's top right corner video playback and in the Lessons where the example is given with the definition and story.

I only get one reward every two questions and then only if the question was answered right the first time. ^

This is a configurable setting in Mind Reading Manager under Rewards. You can alter whether you get one reward after each question or after 5 questions and whether the question has to be answered right first time or not.

Why can't I get Mind Reading Manager to open at the same time as Mind Reading? ^

Mind Reading and Mind Reading Manager are not designed to be open at the same time. Close Mind Reading and open Mind Reading Manager to make any changes. Save Changes on a per page basis and then close the Manager. Then you will be able to go back to Mind Reading with the selected configuration changes in effect.

Videos do not match the pictures on Windows 98 or Windows ME. ^

This problem has been reported for some users using Windows 98 and Windows ME. The video which plays is in the same emotion group as the picture, but does not always match the picture. This cannot be resolved but does not occur on later versions of Windows. If possible, we suggest installing Mind Reading on a more recent version of Windows. If this is not possible, and you do not want to use Mind Reading with this problem, you can return Mind Reading to us for a full refund. Please submit a support request to start this process.