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Jasper and the Magpie

Jasper and the Magpie

Enjoying special interests together

Dan Mayfield, illustrated by Alex Merry

Quick Overview

Jasper loves collecting shiny things but his parents worry about his unusual hobby until they find a way to embrace it as a family. This fun storybook will encourage readers to be more accepting of difference and will resonate particularly with children on the autism spectrum, their friends and family.
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2014, 8.50in x 8.39in / 216mm x 213mm, 36pp
ISBN: 978-1-84905-579-6
2014, PDF, 36pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-035-1
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Jasper really likes shiny metals…

He loves that when the sun shines
Electrons dance reflecting light.
This makes him feel safe and calm,
And helps him sleep at night.

This fun and thought-provoking rhyming storybook will delight anyone with a special interest and encourage readers to be more accepting of difference and unusual passions. The story will resonate particularly with children on the autism spectrum and their friends and family. For ages 6 and upwards.


'A delightful story and illustrations. It shows the importance of embracing special interests and using them in a constructive way. Divine to share with peers and family.'
- Sue Larkey, autism specialist, teacher, author, Making it a Success, Practical Sensory Programmes and Practical Mathematics for Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and Other Developmental Delays

'I love Jasper and the Magpie. The illustrations and story line are so clear. This would appeal to a child on the spectrum. If both my boys were younger I would not hesitate to read them this well thought out story.'
- Anna Kennedy OBE, founder of AnnaKennedyonline

'Jasper and the Magpie captures the uniqueness of those on the autism spectrum and shows how valuing a child's individuality, and working within his interests, can bring a richness to the whole family. I highly recommend this book to any child with a special interest, or anyone whose 'special interest' is wanting the best for their child.'
- Kathy Hoopmann, author of All Cats have Asperger Syndrome and Inside Asperger’s Looking Out

'Dan Mayfield wrote a beautiful story about turning a child's special interest into shared engagement. How to redefine a quirky interest into a strength to celebrate! A wonderful story for both parents and children to read together.'
- Bill Nason, M.S., mental health professional, author and blogger of the Austism Discussion Page (Facebook)

'Essentially, this story about accepting and celebrating all individuals for their unique qualities is aimed at primary age children... should be shared in all schools whether or not there are pupils with autism.'
- Red Reading Hub blog

'Jasper and the Magpie from Jessica Kingsley Publishers is a book with bright and attractive pictures... tells a story that shows it is okay to be different and acceptance is what is important. Although it may seem to be aimed at a younger age group, it can be used by older children... Various themes are covered that will be familiar to ASD children and their parents.'
- Special Needs Jungles blog


This is a delightful positive story that would
appeal to all children from 4 to 9 years, but
would be particularly attractive to children with
additional needs such as those on the autistic
spectrum. The clever rhyming story is both
educative, humorous and thought provoking. It
could be used by teaching staff, parents and
carers to educate about difference thus facilitating
the development of children who have
are accepting and embracing of the interests of

- Nina Ridsdale


By (author): Dan Mayfield
Illustrated by: Alex Merry