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Autism and Neurodiversity

JKP is the leading publisher in autism and related conditions, publishing authoritative and practical books for professionals, parents, children, and anyone whose life is touched by autism. Our books cover a range of topics including communication and development, relationships and social skills, teaching and assessment, parenting strategies and overcoming depression and anxiety.

Bestselling authors include Tony Attwood, Jennifer Cook O’Toole, Carol Gray, Luke Jackson and Donna Williams.

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  • The Green-Eyed Goblin

    The Green-Eyed Goblin

    What to do about jealousy - for all children including those on the Autism Spectrum

    Kay Al-Ghani, Haitham Al-Ghani - 2016

    This illustrated storybook explains jealousy through the story of Theo...

  • The Disappointment Dragon

    The Disappointment Dragon

    Learning to cope with disappointment (for all children and dragon tamers, including those with Asperger syndrome)

    Haitham Al-Ghani, Kay Al-Ghani - 2013

    This illustrated book brings to life the issue of dealing with disappo...

  • The Panicosaurus

    The Panicosaurus

    Managing Anxiety in Children Including Those with Asperger Syndrome

    Kay Al-Ghani, Haitham Al-Ghani - 2012

    This illustrated book teaches children who experience anxiety about Pa...

  • The Red Beast

    The Red Beast

    Controlling Anger in Children with Asperger's Syndrome

    Haitham Al-Ghani, Kay Al-Ghani - 2008

    This vibrant fully illustrated children's storybook is written for chi...


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