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A Pocket Guide to Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias, Second Edition

A Pocket Guide to Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias, Second Edition

Dr James Warner and Dr Nori Graham

Quick Overview

Including key information on different types of dementia, this concise pocket-sized book lets you know about the symptoms to look out for, guides you through the diagnosis process and explains the treatments available. Like having a GP in your pocket, it also offers expert advice for living day-to-day with dementia, and where to go to get support.
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Paperback / softback
2018, 7.76in x 5.12in / 197mm x 130mm, 160pp
ISBN: 9781785924583
2018, ePUB, 160pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-835-7
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If you or a loved one are worried about Alzheimer's disease or other types of dementia, this pocket guide will help you to better understand the conditions, and how they are diagnosed and treated. Written by leading dementia experts, this book provides clear and concise information on:

· Symptoms
· Diagnosis and treatments
· Getting help and support
· Tips for people living with dementia
· Advice for carers

This is a fully-updated edition of the popular Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias, which featured on the Reading Well Books on Prescription for Dementia scheme.


'Rarely has a book made such a difference to me than this one. When I was having tests and assessments which resulted in a dementia diagnosis this book was my supporting prop. It removed my fear and gave me answers to the questions I confronted. An essential book for all.'
- Keith Oliver, Alzheimer's Society Ambassador, KMPT NHS Dementia Envoy


A diagnosis of dementia always provokes many questions. The Pocket Guide to Dementia provides the answers straightforwardly, engagingly and accessibly, dealing with both the medical science and the day-to-day practicalities, with helpful tips and case histories.

I heartily recommend this well-written book to people with dementia and those that love them.

- Dr Amanda Thompsell, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, Chair for the Old Age Faculty, Royal College of Psychiatrists

'This is the book I wish I'd had while accompanying my mother on her long dementia journey. The information we were desperate for is here, the questions we asked are answered - clearly, simply, and with some great practical tips. It could make all the difference to caregivers.'
- Sally Magnusson, author of Where Memories Go: Why Dementia Changes Everything and founder of the charity Playlist for Life

'If you are struggling with the puzzling behaviours of an older relative, neighbour or one of your patients or clients who you think may have dementia, this factual and plainly written guide is the perfect introduction, updated to provide really practical current advice.'
- Baroness Elaine Murphy, Vice President of the Alzheimer's Society

'This "pocket" sized guide packs a full sized punch. It answers in clear terms all the important questions about dementia. Dispels much of the stigma and misunderstanding associated with the disease. Offers practical guidance and support, and will be especially valuable to those who are carers.'
- Angela Rippon, CBE


By (author): James Warner, Nori Graham