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  •  Child Protection in the Early Years

    Child Protection in the Early Years

    A Practical Guide

    Eunice Lumsden, Dr Celia Doyle

    Since the risk of abuse is highest in the early years, it's vital that...

  •  Supporting Young Transgender Men

    Supporting Young Transgender Men

    A Guide for Professionals

    Matthew Waites

    There is a current shortage of information for professionals on the sp...

  •  Returning to the Source

    Returning to the Source

    Han Dynasty Medical Classics in Modern Clinical Practice

    Z'ev Rosenberg, Ken Rose, Dr Sabine Wilms, Blair Thornley

    Written in the tradition of scholar-physician commentaries, this book ...

  •  Sometimes I Feel Sad

    Sometimes I Feel Sad

    Tom Alexander

    Everyone feels sad from time to time, and it's not always clear why. T...

  •  Vincent the Vixen

    Vincent the Vixen

    A Story to Help Children Learn about Gender Identity

    Alice Reeves, Phoebe Kirk

    Vincent is a fox who is assigned male at birth, but who knows they are...

  •  Molly the Mole

    Molly the Mole

    A Story to Help Children Build Self-Esteem

    Alice Reeves, Phoebe Kirk

    Molly starts to worry when she realises that she doesn't look like her...


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