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  • The Mermaid Who Couldn't

    The Mermaid Who Couldn't

    How Mariana Overcame Loneliness and Shame and Learned to Sing Her Own Song

    Ali Redford, Kara Simpson

    Abandoned on the ocean floor, Mariana the Mermaid feels useless as she...

  •  Therapeutic Adventures with Autistic Children

    Therapeutic Adventures with Autistic Children

    Connecting through Movement, Play and Creativity

    Jonas Torrance

    Empowering readers to approach children with autism with greater flexi...

  •  All About Ben

    All About Ben

    Helping Children with Attachment Issues to Understand Their Feelings

    Dorothy Markham, Aileen O'Donnell, Aileen O'Donnell

    8-year-old Ben has lots of different feelings, and sometimes he needs ...


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