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The Prince and the Frog

The Prince and the Frog

A Story to Help Children Learn about Same-Sex Relationships

Olly Pike

Quick Overview

This reimagining of a classic fairytale helps children understand that love isn't always between a boy and a girl. Starring a prince who was magically turned into a frog and needs to find true love to break the spell, it is a funny, uplifting story that introduces the importance of equality and diversity to children aged 3-7.
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2018, 8.62in x 8.39in / 219mm x 213mm, 48pp
ISBN: 9781785923821
2018, PDF, 48pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-731-2
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One day, Oskar and his sister Caroline meet a prince who was turned into a frog by an evil wizard. Only true love's kiss can break the spell - both Caroline and Oskar want to help, but which of them will be the frog prince's true love?

This brightly illustrated, heart-warming take on a classic fairytale teaches children about same-sex relationships and attraction. Exploring what it means to be in a healthy, loving relationship, it encourages children to listen to others, be kind, and embrace diversity and equality. Ideal for children aged 3-7.


'This is a crucial book for kids to read; it promotes the importance of self-acceptance, as well as respect for others, and does so in a fresh, creative and engaging way. I wish resources like this had existed when I was growing up!'
- Vicky Beeching, Writer, speaker, and LGBT campaigner

'The Prince and the Frog will delight countless children at bedtime ... and perhaps even inspire tomorrow's human rights champions.'
- Charles Radcliffe, former Head of Equality & Non-Discrimination, United Nations Human Rights Office, New York

'Olly has written another sweet, endearing love story with a twist. It's a joy to read children's books that feature same sex relationships, as representation and visibility are key when developing empathy and compassion from an early age.'
- Gemma Curtis, Head of Education, Diversity Role Models

'I wish a book like this had existed when I was a kid. Teaching diversity and acceptance from a young, formative age is extremely important and this story hits the nail on the head.'
- Riyadh Khalaf, TV Presenter and LGBTQI+ Filmmaker

'Breaks away from the traditional stereotypes of fairy tale romance, and champions love for love's sake - whether you're a prince, a princess or indeed, a frog!'
- Rebecca Seymour, Little Parachutes

'An excellent resource for teaching kids about LGBT+ people and the diversity that exists under the rainbow.'
- Gay Times

'A sweet story that shows love can happen in many different ways, often when you least expect it and with someone you'd never imagined.'
- Peter Tatchell, Director, Peter Tatchell Foundation

'These modern day stories help to break down many stereotypes for school children, and allow their minds to explore the scope of what is possible in this world, working together.'
- Roland White, Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Microsoft

'Unequivocally a must read for our future generations, The Prince & The Frog seeks to break down those barriers which many young people face in today's society.'
- Simon Jones, Director, Pride in London


The Prince and the Frog is a new take on an old fairy story. We all need to make the old stories work for us and this one has been beautifully done to meet the needs of youngsters who feel that the heterosexual love stories just don't speak to them, as well as widening the horizons of all children to see that love is found in many different places.
The illustrations add to the simple text and help to tell a heart warming story of friendship and autonomy. The lesson plan at the back of the book for Key stages 1 and 2 by Andrew Moffat MBE will give teachers ideas on how to build on the ideas and meet the needs of the National Curriculum

- Professor Sue Sanders


By (author): Olly Pike