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Re-enchanting the Activist

Re-enchanting the Activist

Spirituality and Social Change

Keith Hebden

Quick Overview

In this energising book, Keith Hebden gathers inspiring first-hand accounts that show how spirituality and politics are converging to reignite modern activism. Informative and eye-opening, it explores the meaning of activism in a world that is crying out for change, and how searching for the spiritual can play its part.
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Paperback / softback
2016, 7.87in x 6.54in / 200mm x 166mm, 176pp
ISBN: 9781785920417
2016, ePUB, 176pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-295-9
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Across the world, grassroots movements for change are growing in number, skill, and impact on society. Finding a place at the intersect between spirituality and politics, these emerging activists are grounded in a deeper understanding of the world they wish to change, and act out of a deep sense that their simple acts can make a difference. With moving first-hand accounts, priest and community organiser Keith Hebden demonstrates what it means to be an engaged and alive human being in a world that is crying out for change, and how to play our part in it.

Whether you have recently come alive to the possibilities of activism, or are familiar with the frustrations and challenges of working for change, this book will energise, inform and enchant you.


'This is a heart-warmingly compassionate exploration of activism with soul, full of wisdom drawn from real-life experience, expressed with disarming humility and humour. Keith Hebden's book offers accessible support and companionship for those seeking to deepen the spirituality of their peace and justice engagement - may the re-enchantment begin!'
- Annie Heppenstall, Christian spirituality practitioner and author of books including The Healer's Tree: A Bible-based Resource on Ecology, Peace and Justice

'Keith gets to the heart of what it means to be a true activist. Those dedicated to changing this world, regardless of whether they have a faith or not, will find wisdom here. For all who want to be part of a better world, but have been close to giving up, these distilled thoughts will surely help to re-enchant your faith in activism.'
- Revd Chris Howson, liberation theologian and author of A Just Church

'Keith Hebden is part of a long and rich tradition of radical Christian clergy whose faith and cold anger drive them to act and thereby seek to challenge the principalities and the powers. In his thoughtful new book Re-enchanting the Activist he records his actions, the stories of others and the lessons learned on this journey. This story starts with the lone but 'enchanted' activist but progresses to the activist as teacher, mentor and team player as the quest - seeing the development of people 'in the right relationships' working for justice together. Keith is a great storyteller. His book is full of advice for readers who seek to act not out of anger or hatred but out of love and a deep spirituality. 'Re-enchantment', the book argues, comes from following the African proverb - 'if you want to go fast - go alone, but if you want to go far - go with others!''
- Neil Jameson, Founder and Executive Director of Citizens UK

'Seeing the painful reality of life can lead to 'burn-out' in activists. Keith shows how our faith communities and teachings can help us cope. I love his exploration of 'God of the Gaps' and the power of storytelling. He uses personal stories, stories from various faiths, shares helpful practices and challenges both our own limitations and 'status quo' religion.'
- Modgala Louise Duguid, Buddhist activist and author of You Might as Well Die Here as Anywhere

'Keith Hebden's book is a clear and inspiring call to getting involved and engagement, it deserves to be read and valued by those of all faiths. A rallying call to direct and transformative spiritual action.'
- The Reverend Kate Bottley, Priest in the Diocese of Sputhwell and Nottingham


By (author): Keith Hebden