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  • Breath in Action

    Breath in Action

    The Art of Breath in Vocal and Holistic Practice

    Katya Bloom, Mel Churcher, David Carey, Stephanie Martin, Joanna Weir Ouston, Judy Lee Vivier, Debbi... - 2009

    Breath in Action looks at the significance of breath to human life - n...

  • Theatre of Witness

    Theatre of Witness

    Finding the Medicine in Stories of Suffering, Transformation, and Peace

    Teya Sepinuck - 2013

    Theatre of Witness is a model of performance that gives voice to those...

  • The Energetic Performer

    The Energetic Performer

    An Integrated Approach to Acting for Stage and Screen

    Amanda Brennan - 2016

    New anatomical and physiological knowledge is combined with eastern en...

  • Galvanizing Performance

    Galvanizing Performance

    The Alexander Technique as a Catalyst for Excellence

    Kathleen Juhl, Cathy Madden, Debi Adams, Sarah Barker, Corinne Cassini, Kate Conklin, Julianne Evele... - 2017

    An application of the teachings of the Alexander Technique to the perf...


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