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  1. Holding Space

    Holding Space

    The Creative Performance and Voice Workbook for Yoga Teachers

    Sarah Scharf, MFA. Foreword by Judith Hanson Lasater, Ph.D, P.T.

    Helping yoga teachers improve their vocal skills, this expert guide introduces theatre, improvisational and performance techniques to build confidence in teachers' approaches to students. Offering advice on boundaries, self-care, and common teaching mishaps, the practical advice is also supported by personal stories from other teachers. Learn More
    Oct 2020, 192pp
  2. Xiantian Bagua Zhang

    Xiantian Bagua Zhang

    Gao Style Bagua Zhang - Circle Form

    C S Tang

    Covering history, theory and above all the practice, Grand Master C S Tang guides the reader through the entire system of this subtle yet powerful martial art. Learn More
    Oct 2020, 480pp
  3. Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Anxiety

    Creative Ways to Help Children Manage Anxiety

    Ideas and Activities for Working Therapeutically with Worried Children and Their Families

    Dr. Fiona Zandt and Dr. Suzanne Barrett. Foreword by Dr. Karen Cassiday, illustrated by Richy K. Chandler

    Packed full of ways to make therapeutic concepts engaging for children, this book contains over 50 therapeutic activities for managing anxiety with children aged 3-10. With guidance on how to approach work with children, and activities that use only readily available materials, it is an ideal guide for both experienced and newly qualified professionals. Learn More
    Oct 2020, 208pp
  4. Spectrums


    Autistic Transgender People in Their Own Words

    Edited by Maxfield Sparrow

    Solely written by trans people on the spectrum, this collection of personal stories foregrounds their own voices and experiences on a range of issues, such as coming out, access to healthcare, employment, relationships, parenting, violence and later life self-discovery among others. Learn More
    Sep 2020, 240pp
  5. Voice and Communication Therapy with Trans and Non-Binary People

    Voice and Communication Therapy with Trans and Non-Binary People

    Sharing the Clinical Space

    Matthew Mills and Gillie Stoneham. Forewords by Meg-John Barker and Elizabeth Van Horn, illustrated by Charlotte Retief

    This book is specifically aimed at Speech and Language Therapists and sets out a range of games, activities, frameworks and exercises to help them develop their skills for working with trans clients. It also focuses on the innovative approach of individual therapy and group therapy settings, which is important for optimising speech adaptation. Learn More
    Sep 2020, 224pp
  6. Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy

    Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy

    Perceptive, Intentional, and Effective Caring

    Brent Peery

    A practical guide to understanding Outcome Oriented Chaplaincy and how chaplains can play a vital role and make an active and positive contribution to healthcare institutions and teams shaped by evidence-based medicine. Learn More
    Sep 2020, 128pp
  7. Gender Trauma

    Gender Trauma

    Healing Cultural, Social, and Historical Gendered Trauma

    Alex Iantaffi. Foreword by Meg-John Barker

    Examining the historical, social and cultural trauma the rigid gender binary impacts on clients of all genders, this landmark book provides guidance for clinicians to promote healing within institutional settings and in wider society. Learn More
    Sep 2020, 224pp
  8. Supporting People Bereaved through a Drug- or Alcohol-Related Death

    Supporting People Bereaved through a Drug- or Alcohol-Related Death

    Peter Cartwright

    Indispensable guide for people supporting or counselling adults bereaved through a substance-related death. With contributions from a variety of subject experts, the book provides guidance on the specific aspects of this type of bereavement, with case studies, examples and descriptions of good practice. Learn More
    Sep 2020, 336pp
  9. Love, Learning Disabilities and Pockets of Brilliance

    Love, Learning Disabilities and Pockets of Brilliance

    How Practitioners Can Make a Difference to the Lives of Children, Families and Adults

    Sara Ryan. Forewords by Michael Edwards and by Rob Mitchell and Elaine James

    Find some pockets of brilliance for your practice! Insights and inspiration from families of learning disabled people, who share their lives, challenges and wishes. Discover what sorts of help will really help the people you support. Learn More
    Sep 2020, 176pp
  10. Multifaith Spaces

    Multifaith Spaces

    History, Development, Design and Practice

    Terry Biddington. Foreword by Dr Simon Roffey

    This book explores the history, development, design and practicalities of multifaith spaces. From early shared religious buildings to shared spaces of modern secular locations, the book looks at the architectural, theological, social, legal and practical complexities that arise from the development and use of such spaces. Learn More
    Sep 2020, 224pp

Items 21 to 30 of 3562 total

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