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  1. Integration in Practice

    Integration in Practice

    The report of a national study to identify common areas of quality in early years and childcare

    Ann Jamieson, Claire Cordeaux, Lucy Wilkinson

    This report comes from a study to identify and audit materials used as a basis for integrated practice to support the learning of children from 0-14 years of age. Learn More
    2000, Paperback / softback, 11.65in x 8.27in / 296mm x 210mm, 113pp, CA$26.95
    ISBN: 9781900990219
    2000, Ebook, PDF, 113pp, CA$26.95
    ISBN: 9781907969768
  2. Understanding Difference

    Understanding Difference

    The meaning of ethnicity for young lives

    Nicola Madge

    This book brings together wide-ranging evidence to offer a better understanding of ethnicity and its meaning for young people Learn More
    2001, Paperback / softback, 9.57in x 7.09in / 243mm x 180mm, 192pp, CA$25.95
    ISBN: 9781900990691
  3. Making It Work

    Making It Work

    Removing Disability Discrimination. Are you Ready? - A Training Pack for Schools and LEAs

    Philippa Stobbs and Richard Rieser

    A training manual combining a large-format resource with a CD-ROM which provides guidance for schools on disability discrimination, access and inclusion Learn More
    2001, Spiral bound, 11.69in x 8.27in / 297mm x 210mm, 189pp, CA$29.95
    ISBN: 9781900990790
  4. Faith, Values and Sex & Relationships Education

    Faith, Values and Sex & Relationships Education

    Simon Blake and Zarine Katrak

    This book offers approaches and strategies for developing sex and relationships policy and practice to help workers engage with and understand the issues Learn More
    2002, Paperback / softback, 9.57in x 7.20in / 243mm x 183mm, 96pp, CA$24.95
    ISBN: 9781900990325
    2002, Ebook, PDF, 96pp, CA$24.95
    ISBN: 9781907969805
  5. Relationships and Learning

    Relationships and Learning

    Caring for children from birth to three

    Anna Gillespie Edwards

    An accessible book based on research which highlights the importance of one-to-one relationships with young children for fostering their well-being and their ability to learn Learn More
    2002, 106pp
  6. Protecting Young Children

    Protecting Young Children

    A guide to recognising and responding to child abuse

    Helen Edwards

    Practical and accessible, this book provides all the answers to questions that early years practitioners have about safeguarding children, including information on abuse and advice on responding to concerns Learn More
    2002, 72pp
  7. Young Europe

    Young Europe

    What young people between the ages of 9 and 14 think about participation, politics and Europe

    Hannah Olle

    Young Europe asks young people aged between 9 and 14 what Europe means to them and looks at their participation in decision-making. It also considers how they might be encouraged to become more active European citizens. Learn More
    2002, Ebook, PDF, 48pp, CA$12.00
    ISBN: 9781907969485
  8. Involving Young People in the Recruitment of Staff, Volunteers and Mentors

    Involving Young People in the Recruitment of Staff, Volunteers and Mentors

    Emma Michel and Di Hart

    With training materials for a two-day course, this flexible practical resource is for organisations wishing to involve young people in the recruitment of staff, volunteers and mentors Learn More
    2002, Ebook, PDF, 122pp, CA$45.95
    ISBN: 9781907969133
    2002, Spiral bound, 11.65in x 8.50in / 296mm x 216mm, 122pp, CA$45.95
    ISBN: 9781900990776
  9. Change, Challenge and School Nursing

    Change, Challenge and School Nursing

    Nicola Madge and Anita Franklin

    Drawing on a survey of almost three thousand pupils, this book looks at the health needs of young people and good practice in school nursing Learn More
    2003, Paperback / softback, 9.65in x 6.69in / 245mm x 170mm, 99pp, CA$21.95
    ISBN: 9781900990950
    2003, Ebook, PDF, 99pp, CA$21.95
    ISBN: 9781907969386
  10. Teaching and Learning About HIV

    Teaching and Learning About HIV

    A Resource for Key Stages 1 to 4

    Simon Blake and Paula Power

    With activities for use with children and young people, this resource gives primary, secondary and special schools all they need to educate children about HIV. Learn More
    2003, Ebook, PDF, 120pp, CA$36.95
    ISBN: 9781907969744
    2003, Spiral bound, 11.57in x 8.74in / 294mm x 222mm, 120pp, CA$36.95
    ISBN: 9781904787082

Items 31 to 40 of 104 total

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