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Cards for Life

Cards for Life

Promoting Emotional & Social Development

Simon Blake

Quick Overview

This creative, colourful and fun card game features 40 scenarios to help adults and young people discuss moral issues and dilemmas. The resource covers topics including: health and emotional well-being; family life; planning for the future; rules and regulations; rights, values and beliefs; and achieving and enjoying success.
2005, Cards, 8.46in x 6.06in / 215mm x 154mm
ISBN: 9781904787594

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Cards for Life is an innovative pack that will help young people discuss, in a safe and creative way, dilemmas and moral questions that they may face as they grow and develop into adults. Discussing these dilemmas and questions will help young people look after their health and promote their emotional, social and moral development.

This pack of large format cards includes:

· 40 cards with scenarios and questions for young people to discuss
· 8 blank cards you can use to create your own scenarios
· instructions for how to use the cards
· a briefing about findings of the Respect Research Study - which explored young people's ideas and understandings about values and the process of their moral development.

The scenarios are based on real life dilemmas and moral questions that young people say are relevant to their lives. They are grouped into five themes: being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving, making a positive contribution and economic well-being.

Cards for Life can be used with groups of young people or in one-to-one sessions, in education, care and community settings, as well as at home.


By (author): Simon Blake


Cards for Life image

Cards for Life image