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Peter Felix Kellermann

Peter Felix Kellermann PhD is a clinical psychologist and an international trainer of psychodrama and sociodrama. From 2001–2004 he was the executive director of AMCHA – a treatment centre for Holocaust survivors and their families in Israel.

JKP publications by Peter Felix Kellermann

  1. Sociodrama and Collective Trauma

    Sociodrama and Collective Trauma

    Peter Felix Kellermann

    This book examines the psychological and social damage of trauma to society as a whole. Kellermann argues that collective trauma has been insufficiently considered; his timely book suggests practical ways of facilitating the rehabilitation of survivors of collective trauma through, for example, sociodrama and related group work. Learn More
    2007, Paperback / softback, 9.21in x 6.22in / 234mm x 158mm, 192pp, £24.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84310-446-9
    2007, Ebook, ePUB, 192pp, £24.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84642-616-2
  2. Psychodrama with Trauma Survivors

    Psychodrama with Trauma Survivors

    Acting Out Your Pain

    Edited by Peter Felix Kellermann and M.K. Hudgins

    The contributors provide evidence of how psychodrama can be used to create paths of change for even the most severe traumatization and they also discuss the possible transmission of trauma patterns across generations. The book documents the impact of trauma and explores the development of treatment, providing models of experiential treatment. Learn More
    2000, Paperback / softback, 9.21in x 6.18in / 234mm x 157mm, 352pp, £29.99
    ISBN: 978-1-85302-893-9
  3. Focus on Psychodrama

    Focus on Psychodrama

    The Therapeutic Aspects of Psychodrama

    Peter Felix Kellermann

    This textbook is for all students and practioners of psychodrama and drama, and professionals seeking to extend their knowledge of creative arts therapies. The author provides a comprehensive overview of the theory and practice of psychodrama, presenting a systematic analysis of its essential therapeutic ingredients. Learn More
    1992, 192pp