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Noreen O'Sullivan

Noreen O'Sullivan worked for many years as an elementary school teacher. She is the mother of three young daughters with different sensory processing issues. She in a New Yorker now living in Denmark with her family.

JKP publications by Noreen O'Sullivan

  1. I'll tell you why I can't wear those clothes!

    I'll tell you why I can't wear those clothes!

    Talking about tactile defensiveness

    Noreen O'Sullivan

    This full-colour, photographic workbook is designed for adults and children to read together and explains the physical reasons a child may become emotionally overwhelmed by some daily routines involving touch. The workbook format allows them to explore their own feelings about their touch-related sensitivities, helping them to feel supported. Learn More
    2014, Hardback, 8.54in x 7.99in / 217mm x 203mm, 60pp, £9.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-510-9