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Juliet Clare Bell

JKP publications by Juliet Clare Bell

  1. Ask First, Monkey!

    Ask First, Monkey!

    A Playful Introduction to Consent and Boundaries

    Juliet Clare Bell, illustrated by Abigail Tompkins

    Illustrated storybook to teach children aged 3-6 about consent, and how important it is to respect people and their differing boundaries. It is equally suitable for use as a standalone story or as part of a structured lesson plan, and its engaging illustrations and fun story will keep children's attention over multiple readings. Learn More
    Jul 2020, Hardback, 9.69in x 9.61in / 246mm x 244mm, 40pp, £12.99
    ISBN: 9781787754102
    Jul 2020, Ebook, PDF, £12.99
    ISBN: 9781787754119