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John DeGarmo

Dr John DeGarmo is a proud foster and adoptive parent who has fostered over 40 children. He regularly speaks on his experiences at conferences and training sessions, and is dedicated to improving and promoting successful foster and adoptive care systems. John lives with their foster and adoptive children in Georgia, USA. You can find out more about John here:

JKP publications by John DeGarmo

  1. Helping Foster Children In School

    Helping Foster Children In School

    A Guide for Foster Parents, Social Workers and Teachers

    John DeGarmo

    Foster children rarely receive the education they deserve and can struggle with behavior and academic performance. This book is full of positive strategies to help foster parents, educators and social workers to support them more effectively. Learn More
    2015, Paperback / softback, 8.98in x 6.14in / 228mm x 156mm, 160pp, £16.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-745-5
    2015, Ebook, ePUB, 160pp, £16.99
    ISBN: 978-1-78450-162-4
  2. Love and Mayhem

    Love and Mayhem

    One Big Family's Uplifting Story of Fostering and Adoption

    John DeGarmo

    Love and Mayhem gives an insight into the inner-workings of a large family with fostered, adopted and birth children. John Degarmo, describes the highs and lows and complete chaos of his family life with warmth and sincerity. Learn More
    2014, Paperback / softback, 8.50in x 5.51in / 216mm x 140mm, 208pp, £12.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-775-2
    2014, Ebook, ePUB, 208pp, £12.99
    ISBN: 978-1-78450-012-2
  3. Keeping Foster Children Safe Online

    Keeping Foster Children Safe Online

    Positive Strategies to Prevent Cyberbullying, Inappropriate Contact, and Other Digital Dangers

    John DeGarmo

    Foster children are more likely than other children to be involved in risky activities online due to backgrounds of neglect and abuse, an absence of supportive adults and low self-esteem. This book covers the online dangers you might encounter, from cyberbullying to inappropriate contact, and provides strategies to keep foster children safe online. Learn More
    2014, Paperback / softback, 8.94in x 5.91in / 227mm x 150mm, 160pp, £12.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-973-2
    2014, Ebook, ePUB, 160pp, £12.99
    ISBN: 978-0-85700-862-6
  4. A Different Home

    A Different Home

    A New Foster Child's Story

    John DeGarmo and Kelly DeGarmo

    Jessie tells us her story of being placed in foster care and the worries she had. The new home is not like her old home, but she begins to see that this different home is kind of nice. Sensitively written and fully illustrated in color, this story will help children in foster care to settle in and answer some of the questions they may have. Learn More
    2014, Hardback, 9.96in x 7.13in / 253mm x 181mm, 48pp, £9.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-987-9
    2014, Ebook, ePUB, 48pp, £9.99
    ISBN: 978-0-85700-897-8
  5. The Foster Parenting Manual

    The Foster Parenting Manual

    A Practical Guide to Creating a Loving, Safe and Stable Home

    John DeGarmo

    The Foster Parenting Manual is a comprehensive guide offering proven, friendly advice for novice and experienced parents alike. Distilling many years' experience into one book, this book describes what you can expect from foster parenting, how to access help and support and how to ensure the best care for your child. Learn More
    2013, Paperback / softback, 9.02in x 6.02in / 229mm x 153mm, 160pp, £10.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-956-5
    2013, Ebook, ePUB, 160pp, £10.99
    ISBN: 978-0-85700-795-7