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David Maclagan

David Maclagan is an artist, art therapist and lecturer. He directed an MA at the Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, University of Sheffield and is also involved with the Art Psychotherapy training there. He has published numerous articles on Outsider Art, art therapy and imaginal psychology, and is the author of Creation Myths.

JKP publications by David Maclagan

  1. Psychological Aesthetics

    Psychological Aesthetics

    Painting, Feeling and Making Sense

    David Maclagan

    An introduction to psychological aesthetics for art educators, art therapists, psychoanalysts, artists and art lovers, this book re-evaluates conventional philosophical and psychoanalytic approaches to aesthetic qualities themselves, to the kinds of psychological significance they can generate, and to the interweaving of inner and outer realities. Learn More
    2001, 144pp