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Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary People with Disabilities or Illnesses

Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary People with Disabilities or Illnesses

A Good Practice Guide for Health and Care Provision

Jennie Kermode

Quick Overview

The definitive guide on providing support to transgender and non-binary people with physical disabilities and/or illnesses and mental illnesses. It provides advice on transitioning with a disability, hospital care, institutional care, at-home care, sex-specific service provision, data management and record-keeping, and fertility and reproduction.
2019, Paperback / softback, 8.46in x 5.43in / 215mm x 138mm, 184pp
ISBN: 9781785925412

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By drawing on the experience of trans people who are affected by physical disability, chronic illness and mental illness, this book is the definitive guide on providing best practise in approaches to health and care policy.

Suggesting solutions to areas where understanding and care provision is poor, Kermode gives advice on topics such as transitioning with a disability, sex-specific service provision and fertility and reproduction. The book also examines how health and care professionals can adapt to cater for transgender and non-binary people's needs and can support those who must use health services due to their condition.

Written in an accessible and comprehensive manner, Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary People with Disabilities or Illnesses is an essential guide for practitioners in health and social care positions.


'This is an excellent and comprehensive book for professionals at any level involved in the management or delivery of clinical and social care services. Read it before you encounter your first transgender or non-binary service user, with or without disabilities, and you won't go wrong.'
- Christine Burns MBE, Author and Transgender Activist

'This book is a joy to read. Clear, straightforward, comprehensive: it sets out its stall with an economy and directness I can only aspire to. From trans basics (about which I already knew a lot) to the specifics and health and disability issues for trans people, this is an essential guide for anyone working in this area - from medics to social workers to teachers and policy makers - or just wishing to know more.'
- Jane Fae


By (author): Jennie Kermode