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Youth work

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  1. Project-Based Group Work Facilitator's Manual

    Project-Based Group Work Facilitator's Manual

    Young People, Youth Workers and Projects

    Andy Gibson and Gaynor Clarke

    This book is intended to help youth workers to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to work successfully and creatively with groups of adolescents and young adults. It explores how skills are learnt, how values, and understandings are developed and how projects can enhance this process. It also shows how these things can happen in practice. Learn More
    1995, 200pp
  2. Making a Leap - Theatre of Empowerment

    Making a Leap - Theatre of Empowerment

    A Practical Handbook for Creative Drama Work with Young People

    Sara Clifford and Anna Herrmann

    A practical handbook for those wanting to use drama and theatre to explore issues in their work with young people, this book has developed from ten years of active research in community settings. The authors' holistic approach to theatre-making draws on theatre in education, community theatre, youth work, group work and conflict resolution. Learn More
    1998, 256pp
  3. Understanding Drug Issues

    Understanding Drug Issues

    A Photocopiable Resource Workbook Second Edition

    David Emmett and Graeme Nice

    This fully updated edition of a successful resource succeeds in engaging and involving young people where many other methods of drugs education have failed to make a lasting impact. The range of 30 original exercises in this resource is designed to expand and challenge participants' understanding of the issues surrounding illegal drug use. Learn More
    2005, 160pp
  4. Understanding Street Drugs

    Understanding Street Drugs

    A Handbook of Substance Misuse for Parents, Teachers and Other Professionals Second Edition

    David Emmett and Graeme Nice

    This fully updated edition provides a complete overview of the key facts and core issues surrounding substance misuse. All commonly-used street drugs are covered, with quick reference guides, helpful diagrams and clear information on each drug's effects, methods of use, legal status, availability, treatment options and associated slang. Learn More
    2005, 336pp
  5. Working with Gangs and Young People

    Working with Gangs and Young People

    A Toolkit for Resolving Group Conflict

    Jessie Feinstein and Nia Imani Kuumba

    This book demonstrates how young people can be engaged in a creative and challenging process that explores the costs, gains and consequences of the choices they make around their gang membership. It provides a tried-and-tested training programme for anyone involved in conflict resolution with young people in groups or gangs. Learn More
    2006, 140pp
  6. The Obesity Game

    The Obesity Game

    Isabelle Streng and A.M. Stradmeijer

    The Obesity Game is devised to identify and change behavioural eating and exercise patterns and to facilitate the understanding and disclosure of the complex feelings these children experience. It educates them about food facts, metabolism, dieting and addresses challenging emotional issues related to denial and shame. Learn More
    2006, Game, 14.41in x 10.31in / 366mm x 262mm, AU$84.00
    ISBN: 978-1-84310-377-6
  7. The Chronic Illness Game

    The Chronic Illness Game

    Isabelle Streng and A.M. Stradmeijer

    The Chronic Illness Game facilitates the improvement of social skills and coping strategies in children with a chronic illness who often suffer from impaired psychological and social development. The game should be facilitated by a health or mental health professional and is intended for use with groups of up to six players or with families. Learn More
    2006, Game, 14.45in x 10.51in / 367mm x 267mm, AU$84.00
    ISBN: 978-1-84310-376-9
  8. Self-Esteem Games for Children

    Self-Esteem Games for Children

    Deborah M. Plummer, illustrated by Jane Serrurier

    Plummer offers a wealth of familiar games chosen to build self-esteem in children aged 5-11.The selection of games reflects the seven key elements of healthy self-esteem - self-knowledge, self and others, self-acceptance, self-reliance, self-expression, self-confidence and self-awareness - and includes opportunities for thinking and discussion. Learn More
    2006, 144pp
  9. The Big Idea

    The Big Idea

    Involving young people in projects around the development of the built environment

    Compiled by Rachel Monaghan, with Adriana Byrne, David Curtis, Janine Young and the Big Idea Steering Group

    A practical guide to support workers aiming to involve young people in built environment projects Learn More
    2007, Spiral bound, 11.69in x 8.27in / 297mm x 210mm, 104pp, AU$38.99
    ISBN: 9781905818174
  10. Getting Wise to Drugs

    Getting Wise to Drugs

    A Resource for Teaching Children about Drugs, Dangerous Substances and Other Risky Situations

    David Emmett and Graeme Nice

    This is a resource for use with children aged between 8 - 12 years. It comprises exercises centred on illegal drug use, medicine use and safety, solvents, alcohol, tobacco, crime and other anti-social and risky activities. It features an introduction to the programme, followed by 20 exercises grouped into blocks of five topics. Learn More
    2007, 160pp

Items 1 to 10 of 39 total

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