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  1. The Social Construction of Dementia

    The Social Construction of Dementia

    Confused Professionals?

    Nancy H. Harding and Colin Palfrey

    In this study the social construction of dementia is examined closely for the first time. Nancy Harding and Colin Palfrey show how Western society sees dementia as a disease, rather than a natural part of the ageing process. They take issue with the constructed view of the body as a machine, whose parts 'break down' and need replacement. Learn More
    1997, 224pp
  2. An A-Z of Community Care Law

    An A-Z of Community Care Law

    Michael Mandelstam

    Written to meet the need for concise explanation of the key legal issues in community care, this comprehensive A to Z gives the reader immediate access to the definitions they are seeking, and is the first book to summarise systematically many of the recent legal cases. Learn More
    1997, 208pp
  3. Suicide


    The Tragedy of Hopelessness

    David Aldridge

    The author argues that although western culture has traditionally understood suicide to be the choice of the individual, this is a misleading perception. While the patient may feel as though he or she is acting in isolation, the reasons for suicides are essentially social therefore attention should be focused on the patient's social environment. Learn More
    1997, 320pp
  4. Children's Homes Revisited

    Children's Homes Revisited

    David Berridge and Isabelle Brodie

    In this book, based on a three-year national research study, the authors examine the changes in structure and use of residential child care services over the last ten years. They make a comprehensive analysis of the quality of care available and recommendations for policy, practice, and the future management of children's homes. Learn More
    1997, 250pp
  5. Assessing Men Who Sexually Abuse

    Assessing Men Who Sexually Abuse

    A Practice Guide

    David Briggs, Paddy Doyle, Tess Gooch and Roger Kennington

    Providing practical guidance on the best way to assess sexual abusers, this book fuses contemporary theory with an awareness of the subjective nature of the work. Assessment in various (clinical, legal and statutory) settings is considered and an overview of assessment methods is presented along with a detailed exposition of techniques. Learn More
    1997, 176pp
  6. Young People Leaving Care

    Young People Leaving Care

    Life After the Children Act 1989

    Bob Broad

    This book contains extensive practice information, original research material and policy findings about young people leaving public care and the work of leaving care projects. Each chapter contains good practice and policy examples, and the book concludes with a critical analysis of key practice, policy, and theoretical issues. Learn More
    1998, Paperback / softback, 9.17in x 6.22in / 233mm x 158mm, 288pp, AU$56.99
    ISBN: 978-1-85302-412-2
  7. Working with Carers

    Working with Carers

    Christine Heron

    A complete guide to working with carers, this volume provides a general overview of all the issues involved. General theories of assessment, groupwork, stress management and problem-solving are applied to working with carers, and suggestions for good practice are underpinned with references to relevant research, and policy documents. Learn More
    1998, 160pp
  8. Negotiation for Health and Social Service Professionals

    Negotiation for Health and Social Service Professionals

    Keith Fletcher

    For professionals in health, social care and children's services, an ability to negotiate successfully is vital. Keith Fletcher explains how to prepare for and deal with negotiation situations more confidently so that settlements can be reached which satisfy all parties. Learn More
    1998, Paperback / softback, 9.17in x 6.10in / 233mm x 155mm, 200pp, AU$49.99
    ISBN: 978-1-85302-549-5
  9. Housing Options for Disabled People

    Housing Options for Disabled People

    Edited by Ruth Bull

    This book describes the processes involved in rehousing or adapting existing accomodation, identifying the professionals who may contribute and highlighting the role of the occupational therapist. The book will be of use to a range of professionals, including occupational therapists, architects, social workers and more. Learn More
    1998, 288pp
  10. Social Care and Housing

    Social Care and Housing

    Ian Shaw, Sue Lambert and David Clapham

    Drawing out the implications for policy and practice from the latest research in housing and social work, this volume illustrates the lack of communication between practitioners that is hindering service provision, and provides suggestions for improving current practice. Learn More
    1998, Paperback / softback, 8.23in x 6.06in / 209mm x 154mm, 176pp, AU$57.99
    ISBN: 978-1-85302-437-5

Items 41 to 50 of 433 total

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