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  1. Preparing to Care

    Preparing to Care

    Induction and practice development for residential social workers

    Predencia Gabbidon and Barry Goldson

    This ebook is an open learning induction programme that enables residential staff to systematically develop the core knowledge and skills that are required to provide a positive and caring residential environment. Learn More
    1998, Ebook, PDF, 318pp, AU$12.00
    ISBN: 9781905818785
  2. Taking Liberty

    Taking Liberty

    A guide to secure accomodation for children and young people

    Predencia Gabbidon

    First published in 1998, this guide aims to help children and young people understand why they have been placed in secure accommodation and what to expect while they are there. Learn More
    1998, Ebook, PDF, 25pp, AU$12.00
    ISBN: 9781905818976
  3. Planning to Care

    Planning to Care

    Regulation, procedure and practice under the Children Act 1989

    Roger Grimshaw and Ruth Sinclair

    Planning to Care examines how the quality and effectiveness of planning practice in both rural and urban settings was reshaped, drawing on the views of young people and their parents as well as practitioners. Learn More
    1997, Ebook, PDF, 267pp, AU$12.00
    ISBN: 9781907969027
  4. Preparation for Adulthood

    Preparation for Adulthood

    Standards for good practice in residential care

    James Cathcart

    This book looks at developments in work carried out in schools, in antenatal preparation and in support for families with young children. Learn More
    1997, Ebook, PDF, 45pp, AU$12.00
    ISBN: 9781905818730
  5. Who Says?

    Who Says?

    Choice and control in care

    Ruth Gardner

    This ebook is for all who are concerned about the quality of care and its improvement. Learn More
    1987, Ebook, PDF, 106pp, AU$12.00
    ISBN: 9781907969058
  6. The Roots of Violence and Vandalism

    The Roots of Violence and Vandalism

    Mia Kellmer Pringle

    Focusing on preventative measures, this ebook explores how violence and vandalism are linked to the most basic emotional needs and the extent to which these are met or remain unfulfilled. Learn More
    1973, Ebook, PDF, AU$12.00
    ISBN: 9781905818761

6 Item(s)

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