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  1. Art Therapy - The Person-Centred Way

    Art Therapy - The Person-Centred Way

    Art and the Development of the Person Second Edition

    Liesl Silverstone

    Art Therapy - The Person-Centred Way is an enlarged edition of the first book published on person-centred art therapy, and includes many more exercises and ideas. It demonstrates that by bringing the person-centred facilitative approach to images expressed in art form, healing and growth can occur at every level of development. Learn More
    1997, 272pp
  2. Music Therapy in Context

    Music Therapy in Context

    Music, Meaning and Relationship

    Mercédès Pavlicevic

    By drawing extensively from current literature on music and developmental psychology, music therapy, psychotherapy and music theory, this book encourages music therapists not to compromise the musical process at the heart of their practice, but to use these with authority - the authority that this book seeks to provide. Learn More
    1997, 224pp
  3. Therapeutic Presence

    Therapeutic Presence

    Bridging Expression and Form

    Edited by Arthur Robbins

    In the therapeutic workplace, the interaction between patient and therapist is built upon cognitive, affective and expressive experiences. The contributors to this new book explore this interaction in depth, examining the concept of therapeutic presence, and the therapist's ability to maintain it. Learn More
    1997, 275pp
  4. Psychodrama


    Group Psychotherapy as Experimental Theatre

    Eva Røine

    This is a comprehensive work which stems from the author's knowledge and experience of psychology, the theatre and psychodrama. It includes discussion of the theory behind psychodrama as well as the methods used in its practice; Roine writes of technical concepts in an accessible style, giving examples from her work in America and Norway. Learn More
    1997, 224pp
  5. Therapeutic Voicework

    Therapeutic Voicework

    Principles and Practice for the Use of Singing as a Therapy

    Paul Newham

    Based on Paul Newham's experience as a voice and movement therapist and on his work running the only professional training course in the psychotherapeutic use of singing currently accredited by the RSA, this book explores both the theory and practice behind the use of voice and singing in expressive arts therapy. Learn More
    1997, 592pp
  6. Introduction to Dramatherapy

    Introduction to Dramatherapy

    Theatre and Healing - Ariadne's Ball of Thread

    Sue Jennings

    Jennings presents a 'healing theatre' approach to dramatherapy, showing how it is part of our cultural experience of theatre art, and how it can be used to find a bearable means of facing the beast at the heart of the labyrinth. She maintains that by participating in theatre as well as exploring our past, a new pathway to fulfilment is opened. Learn More
    1997, 192pp
  7. Storymaking and Creative Groupwork with Older People

    Storymaking and Creative Groupwork with Older People

    Paula Crimmens

    Paula Crimmens shows that working with older people can be made exciting and stimulating by using storymaking as a basis. Echoing the oral tradition of mankind, the book shows how to use a variety of traditional stories - including myths, folk tales and fairy stories - to work creatively with older people, particularly in groups. Learn More
    1997, 160pp
  8. The Self on the Page

    The Self on the Page

    Theory and Practice of Creative Writing in Personal Development

    Edited by Celia Hunt and Fiona Sampson

    This book examines the potential of creative writing as a therapeutic tool. Illustrating a wide range of approaches, the contributors provide an introduction to thinking about creative writing in a personal development context with suggestions for further reading, and look at the potential evolution of therapeutic creative writing in the future. Learn More
    1998, Paperback / softback, 9.13in x 6.14in / 232mm x 156mm, 224pp, AU$56.99
    ISBN: 978-1-85302-470-2
  9. Tapestry of Cultural Issues in Art Therapy

    Tapestry of Cultural Issues in Art Therapy

    Edited by Anna R. Hiscox and Abby C. Calisch

    Professionals engaged in art therapy discuss aspects of practice which are affected by an environment of increasing cultural diversity. Some contributions examine problems faced by members of ethnic minorities who are caught between assertion of their cultural identities and assimilation into a different social milieu. Learn More
    1998, 384pp
  10. Bulgarian Folk Customs

    Bulgarian Folk Customs

    Mercia Macdermott

    This comprehensive exploration of Bulgarian traditions, beliefs and lifestyles provides a wealth of information available for the first time in English. Folk customs sustain a community and promote the welfare of the individual within it, and in Bulgarian these customs have fulfilled many needs, strengthening, educating and celebrating. Learn More
    1998, 264pp

Items 41 to 50 of 395 total

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