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  1. Who Says?

    Who Says?

    Choice and control in care

    Ruth Gardner

    This ebook is for all who are concerned about the quality of care and its improvement. Learn More
    1987, Ebook, PDF, 106pp, AU$12.00
    ISBN: 9781907969058
  2. Good Practice in Risk Assessment and Management 1

    Good Practice in Risk Assessment and Management 1

    Edited by Jacki Pritchard and Hazel Kemshall

    This book provides a complete guide to good practice for those involved in risk assessment and management.. With its strong emphasis on practice, the book examines the key issues and methods of risk measurement, predictability and management, drawing upon the experience of the contributors in a wide variety of social care settings. Learn More
    1995, 224pp
  3. Boring Records?

    Boring Records?

    Communication, Speech and Writing in Social Work

    Katie Prince

    Boring Records? is a practical and eye-opening investigation into the central role of record keeping. Using the first-hand impressions and comments of parents, children and clinical social workers, the author demonstrates the centrality of the work of record keeping for social work practitioners. Learn More
    1996, 224pp
  4. Collaboration in Health and Welfare

    Collaboration in Health and Welfare

    Working with Difference

    Ann Loxley

    This study demystifies the concept of collaboration. The author suggests a framework to enable collaboration to take place, and details the skills which can be used to facilitate the process. She concludes that inter-professional and interagency collaboration can be creative and exciting despite the problems involved. Learn More
    1996, 128pp
  5. Staff Supervision in a Turbulent Environment

    Staff Supervision in a Turbulent Environment

    Managing Process and Task in Front-line Services

    Lynette Hughes and Paul Pengelly

    Focusing on the interaction between supervisor and supervisee in the agency context, this book explores the interdependence of task and process in supervision. The authors conclude that effective service-delivery continues to depend on agencies providing the "thinking space" that supervision represents. Learn More
    1996, 240pp
  6. Planning to Care

    Planning to Care

    Regulation, procedure and practice under the Children Act 1989

    Roger Grimshaw and Ruth Sinclair

    Planning to Care examines how the quality and effectiveness of planning practice in both rural and urban settings was reshaped, drawing on the views of young people and their parents as well as practitioners. Learn More
    1997, Ebook, PDF, 267pp, AU$12.00
    ISBN: 9781907969027
  7. Preparation for Adulthood

    Preparation for Adulthood

    Standards for good practice in residential care

    James Cathcart

    This book looks at developments in work carried out in schools, in antenatal preparation and in support for families with young children. Learn More
    1997, Ebook, PDF, 45pp, AU$12.00
    ISBN: 9781905818730
  8. Communication Skills in Practice

    Communication Skills in Practice

    A Practical Guide for Health Professionals

    Diana Williams

    Recent changes in the health service have highlighted the need for the health professional to have effective communication skills in order to maintain a high quality of service to the client. This book will meet the demands brought about by the changes in role from the student to practitioner through to managerial responsibilities. Learn More
    1997, 336pp
  9. Good Practice in Risk Assessment and Risk Management 2

    Good Practice in Risk Assessment and Risk Management 2

    Key Themes for Protection, Rights and Responsibilities

    Edited by Hazel Kemshall and Jacki Pritchard

    The companion volume to Good Practice in Risk Assessment 1 looks at further issues in the field of risk assessment. Managers are under increasing pressure to predict risk accurately, and face serious consequences for failure. This new collection explores the arguments and means of assessment in a clear and accessible manner. Learn More
    1997, 328pp
  10. Preparing to Care

    Preparing to Care

    Induction and practice development for residential social workers

    Predencia Gabbidon and Barry Goldson

    This ebook is an open learning induction programme that enables residential staff to systematically develop the core knowledge and skills that are required to provide a positive and caring residential environment. Learn More
    1998, Ebook, PDF, 318pp, AU$12.00
    ISBN: 9781905818785

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