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  1. Ageing, Independence and the Life Course

    Ageing, Independence and the Life Course

    Edited by Sara Arber and Maria Evandrou

    Using a life course approach, which emphasises the importance of recognising the effects of different life experiences on different groups of individuals and the interlinkage between phases of the life course, the book explores the ways in which bases of structural advantage and disadvantage have cumulative impacts on the situation of older people. Learn More
    1993, 256pp
  2. Caring for People in the Community

    Caring for People in the Community

    The New Welfare

    Edited by Michael Titterton

    This book critically examines the new agenda of welfare and assesses the implications for change for policy makers, formal and informal carers and consumers including examinations of key topics such as care planning and case management. Learn More
    1994, 160pp
  3. The Abuse of Older People

    The Abuse of Older People

    A Training Manual for Detection and Prevention Second Edition

    Jacki Pritchard

    The second edition of this has been enlarged and completely updated. Based on extensive research and practical experience, the book is designed to be used by both professionals and students to enable them to develop the awareness and skills necessary to deal with the wide variety of issues involved in the abuse of older people. Learn More
    1995, 200pp
  4. Reviewing Care Management for Older People

    Reviewing Care Management for Older People

    Edited by Judith Phillips and Bridget Penhale

    This book discusses the development and implementation of several models of care management. Drawing together research to highlight the successes and the difficulties of translating the principles of care management into practice, it examines this subject with particular reference to: empowerment; needs-led assessment; and multi-disciplinary work. Learn More
    1996, 250pp
  5. Hearing the Voice of People with Dementia

    Hearing the Voice of People with Dementia

    Opportunities and Obstacles

    Malcolm Goldsmith

    Written for all those concerned with providing services for people with dementia and their families, this book explores the idea that communication is not only possible but also vital to the understanding and the development of services. The book is based on a series of interviews with sufferers and professionals working in the field. Learn More
    1996, 192pp
  6. Working with Elder Abuse

    Working with Elder Abuse

    A Training Manual for Home Care, Residential and Day Care Staff

    Jacki Pritchard

    This practical training manual is written for home care, residential and day care staff, who need to be able to recognise elder abuse, but may not be trained to do so. Its large format, range of exercises and photocopiable worksheets makes it a valuable source of training material. Learn More
    1996, 196pp
  7. The Social Construction of Dementia

    The Social Construction of Dementia

    Confused Professionals?

    Nancy H. Harding and Colin Palfrey

    In this study the social construction of dementia is examined closely for the first time. Nancy Harding and Colin Palfrey show how Western society sees dementia as a disease, rather than a natural part of the ageing process. They take issue with the constructed view of the body as a machine, whose parts 'break down' and need replacement. Learn More
    1997, 224pp
  8. Working with Carers

    Working with Carers

    Christine Heron

    A complete guide to working with carers, this volume provides a general overview of all the issues involved. General theories of assessment, groupwork, stress management and problem-solving are applied to working with carers, and suggestions for good practice are underpinned with references to relevant research, and policy documents. Learn More
    1998, 160pp
  9. Younger People with Dementia

    Younger People with Dementia

    Planning, Practice and Development

    Edited by Sylvia Cox and John Keady

    The first book to address the subject in its own right, this book targets good practice and stimulates an agenda for change. The contributors explore the implications for younger people with dementia and their families at personal and service-development levels. They call for a multi-disciplinary approach to all stages of the provision of services. Learn More
    1998, 336pp
  10. Understanding Dementia

    Understanding Dementia

    The Man with the Worried Eyes

    Richard Cheston and Michael Bender

    The authors aim to advance a psychological framework from which to understand the experience of dementia from the perspective of the dementia sufferer, so making intelligible the symptoms of dementia and setting out new avenues of care such as the need to adopt psychotherapeutic/counselling approaches as an integral part of care. Learn More
    1999, 320pp

Items 1 to 10 of 124 total

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