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Frankie's Foibles

Frankie's Foibles

A story about a boy who worries

Kath Grimshaw

Quick Overview

Frankie has a lot of worries. He's worried about stepping on cracks in the pavement and about what will happen if he brushes his teeth for two minutes, rather than three. This brightly illustrated story for children aged 7+ with OCD or anxiety, reveals how Frankie learns to ignore his foibles - those pesky creatures that whisper worries in his ear!
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2015, 9.33in x 6.22in / 237mm x 158mm, 32pp
ISBN: 978-1-84905-695-3

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2015, PDF, 32pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-210-2
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Frankie is worried. He's worried about his new school, he's worried about making friends, and he's worried about the bully boys that wait for him on the corner of the street. But most of all, he's worried about what might happen if he steps on the cracks in the pavement.

Then Frankie learns about his foibles, the pesky little creatures that whisper worries in his ear. They are bullies, just like the boys on the corner. But with a big grin on his face and a little help from his brand new friend, Frankie discovers that he can learn to ignore his foibles... and eventually escape his worries for good!

This beautifully illustrated story will appeal to any child age 7+ who worries, especially those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and anxiety. Emphasising that we all have worries, it is a great way for parents and professionals to approach the topic sensitively.


'A lovely and accessible book describing how children with OCD feel, the worries they can experience and what OCD makes them do. The story and illustrations depict OCD well, making the point of OCD being like a bully that young people can fight! I would recommend this book to parents, teachers and professionals who want to start a conversation with children about OCD.'
- Dr Amita Jassi, Principal Clinical Psychologist, National Specialist OCD, BDD and related disorders clinic, Maudsley Hospital, London, UK, and author of 'Can I tell you about OCD?'

'Frankie's Foibles is a charmingly written book about a little boy who faces the difficulties of OCD. Easy to read and accessible to a younger child, I can see it being very helpful to broach the subject of confronting OCD in a way that doesn't seem overwhelming. This book shows OCD as the curable illness it really is, and explains how fighting the "foibles" should be done. Warm, friendly and reassuring, Frankie's Foibles takes the fear out of OCD.'
- Claire Sanders, author of ‘Parenting OCD: Down to Earth Advice From One Parent to Another’

'A great book to reassure anxious children they aren't alone with this experience... A valuable addition to the reading list of any young child experiencing OCD, anxiety and/or related bullying.'
- Mel Thomsett

'This is a wonderful story in both picture and text. The author has done both, and done an incredibly good job of giving us a child with a real problem that he must face up to as best he can. One wonders if his family has split up and if the 'new start' has to do with divorce. This is not said, but it could help explain Frankie's problems and his resulting OCD. An excellent book for schools as well as families!'
- HealthyBooks


By (author): Kath Grimshaw