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  1. Grief in Young Children

    Grief in Young Children

    A Handbook for Adults

    Atle Dyregrov

    It is a common misconception that pre-school children are not capable of experiencing grief in the same way that older children do. Grief in Young Children challenges this assumption, demonstrating that although young children may not express grief in the same way as older children, they still need to be supported through loss. Learn More
    2008, 96pp
  2. Grief in Children

    Grief in Children

    A Handbook for Adults Second Edition

    Atle Dyregrov

    This fully-updated second edition of Grief in Children provides an overview of children's understanding of death at different ages and outlines how the adults around them can best help them cope. The author provides guidance on handling loss and bereavement at school and discusses the value of bereavement groups and support for child and caregiver. Learn More
    2008, 208pp
  3. The Art of Helping Others

    The Art of Helping Others

    Being Around, Being There, Being Wise

    Heather Smith and Mark K Smith

    When searching for someone to help them reflect upon and improve their lives, people tend to be drawn towards those who are compassionate, committed and wise. This book is aimed at those who recognise these qualities in themselves and wish to develop their capacity to engage with and help others. Learn More
    2008, 176pp
  4. Safeguarding Children and Schools

    Safeguarding Children and Schools

    Edited by Mary Baginsky

    Safeguarding Children and Schools explains how schools are able to contribute to keeping children safe from harm and promoting their welfare, in line with Government Every Child Matters guidelines. At a time when expectations of the role of schools are evolving, this book provides guidance and support for social care professionals. Learn More
    2008, 208pp
  5. Overcoming Loss

    Overcoming Loss

    Activities and Stories to Help Transform Children's Grief and Loss

    Julia Sorensen

    This book is a photocopiable resource that addresses childrens' feeling of loss, arising from many causes. Designed to encourage social and emotional learning, these exercises use play, art and story-telling to access the ways in which children naturally express their feelings, offering ways to direct the child towards understanding their emotions. Learn More
    2008, 144pp
  6. Feeling Like Crap

    Feeling Like Crap

    Young People and the Meaning of Self-Esteem

    Nick Luxmoore

    Feeling Like Crap explores how a young person's self is constructed, and what might help that self to feel more valued and confident. It demonstrates how listening to, engaging with and being respectful of young people can provide the support they need to help them repair their sense of self and offer them new possibilities and directions in life. Learn More
    2008, 160pp
  7. Educating Difficult Adolescents

    Educating Difficult Adolescents

    Effective Education for Children in Public Care or with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties

    David Berridge, Cherilyn Dance, Jennifer Beecham and Sarah Field

    Educational achievements for children in care are significantly poorer than for the general school population. This book explores why this is and how to enable children in care to succeed in the classroom. The authors adopt a multidisciplinary approach to suggest how best to support children in care in educational settings. Learn More
    2008, 224pp
  8. Great Answers to Difficult Questions about Death

    Great Answers to Difficult Questions about Death

    What Children Need to Know

    Linda Goldman

    Death is never an easy subject for discussion and adults often struggle to find the right words when talking about it with children. This book explores children's thoughts and feelings on the subject of death and provides parents and other caring adults with guidance on how to respond to difficult questions. Learn More
    2009, 112pp
  9. Young People in Love and in Hate

    Young People in Love and in Hate

    Nick Luxmoore

    This book is about boyfriends and girlfriends - getting them, keeping them and moving on from them. The book will be essential reading for professionals and parents struggling with the ferocity of young people's feelings where 'I love you!' and 'I hate you!' are never far apart. Learn More
    2009, 144pp
  10. Are You Okay?

    Are You Okay?

    A Practical Guide to Helping Young Victims of Crime

    Pete Wallis

    Are You Okay deals with these issues that many adults may face when trying to help a young person in their care in the aftermath of a crime. It provides detailed information on the different types of crime from assault and hate crime to cyberbullying and sexual abuse, and explores how they may affect the young person in different ways. Learn More
    2010, 224pp

Items 41 to 50 of 131 total

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