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Pavan John Antony

Dr. Pavan John Antony has over ten years of work experience in the field of special education and is currently an Assistant Professor in Special Education at Adelphi University, New York. Prior to this, he was actively involved in working with adults with disabilities transitioning from high school, working with them in the community and in their group homes. Since Spring 2013, he has been studying the experiences of individuals with Cerebral Palsy who attended college. He also worked with children and adults with disabilities in South India for over five years. Dr. Antony has published several articles, regularly presents at national and international conferences and also serves as a reviewer for four peer reviewed journals.

JKP publications by Pavan John Antony

  1. College for Students with Disabilities

    College for Students with Disabilities

    We Do Belong

    Edited by Pavan John Antony and Stephen M. Shore

    This book presents a realistic picture of the positive and negative aspects of the transition to higher education as experienced by students with disabilities. It combines findings from special education studies, personal stories from individuals with disabilities, and practical tips to help those facing the challenges. Learn More
    2015, Paperback / softback, 8.94in x 6.18in / 227mm x 157mm, 264pp, AU$35.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-732-5
    2015, Ebook, ePUB, 264pp, AU$35.99
    ISBN: 978-1-78450-101-3