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The Art and Practice of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

Nigel Ching

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This textbook is a complete diagnostic manual for students of Chinese medicine. It covers how to collect and collate the relevant information needed to make a diagnosis and clearly describes the various diagnostic models in Chinese medicine.
Published by Singing Dragon
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2017, 10.00in x 7.01in / 254mm x 178mm, 792pp
ISBN: 978-1-84819-314-7

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This textbook on diagnosis in Chinese medicine is unique in its clarity and accessibility.

Divided into two sections, it is a comprehensive diagnostic manual. The first section explains how to collect and collate the information required to formulate a diagnosis and is divided into four approaches: visual, palpation, interrogation and listening/smelling. The second section describes the various diagnostic models in Chinese medicine, including The Eight Principles; zangfu organ pattern; the Six stages, four levels and san jiao; the twelve regular channels and eight extraordinary vessels; and the Five Phases.


By (author): Nigel Ching
Foreword by: Jeremy Halpin