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System Requirements

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All Mind Reading products work on both Windows and Apple Macintosh (OS 9 and OS X) computers, but not on Lion OS or more recent versions of OS X from Apple****.

In order to install and run Mind Reading products you should have a computer with the following:

  • Minimum Pentium 2 running Windows 98* or later with 32 MB RAM. Pentium 3 or faster recommended.
    Apple Power Mac running OS 9.2 or later with 16 MB available RAM for application. OS X users (particularly laptop users) should have a minimum of 256MB of memory in order to run Mind Reading. Lion version of OS X and onwards are NOT supported.
  • Minimum screen resolution 800 x 600, with 16-bit colour display.
  • Sound card and speakers required.
  • CD-ROM** drive to install from optical disk (2.5 GB free space needed on hard drive)
  • DVD-ROM drive to play from optical disk***

* There are some problems with running Mind Reading on Windows 98 and Windows ME. Find out more.

** If you have a CD-ROM drive you will not be able to run Mind Reading directly from the CD-ROM, but will have to install the entire application onto your hard disk, requiring at least 2.5GB of free disk space for the Full Version and 140MB for the Emotions Library.

*** FULL VERSION ONLY (300 MB free space needed on hard drive).

**** Mind Reading was designed to work with Apple Macs from version 9.2, but the latest OS (Lion) has removed support for the way the program works. We are currently investigating how to get Mind Reading working on Lion.