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Out of print publications

NOTE: This list is not complete and some of these publications have been superceded by later editions. We have tried to make it clear where this is the case, but please use the search box if you are looking for a particular book.

1001 Great Ideas: For Teaching and Raising Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Paperback
Ellen Notbohm and Veronica Zysk
ISBN: 9781932565195

Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Older Persons: Strategies for Assessment and Intervention Paperback
Edited by Lorin A Baumhover and S Colleen Beall
ISBN: 9781853024054

Academic Community: Discourse or Discord? Hardback
Edited by Ronald Barnett
ISBN: 9781853025341

Academic Identities and Policy Change in Higher Education Paperback
Mary Henkel
ISBN: 9781853026621

Academic Mobility in a Changing World: Regional and Global Trends Hardback
Edited by Peggy Blumenthal, Craufurd Goodwin, Alan Smith and Ulrich Teichler
ISBN: 9781853025457

Active Analytic Group Therapy for Adolescents Paperback
John Evans
ISBN: 9781853026164

Adults in Higher Education: International Perspectives on Access and Participation Hardback
Edited by Pat Davies
ISBN: 9781853022869

Advances in Population 3: Psychosocial Perspectives Hardback
Edited by Lawrence Severy and Warren Miller
ISBN: 9781853025693

Annals of Child Development: Volume 10 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9781853022388

Annals of Child Development: Volume 11 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9781853022395

Annals of Child Development: Volume 12 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9781853024207

Annals of Child Development: Volume 13 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9781853025891

Annals of Child Development: Volume 2 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9780892325467

Annals of Child Development: Volume 3 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9780892326334

Annals of Child Development: Volume 4 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9780892326341

Annals of Child Development: Volume 5 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9780892328505

Annals of Child Development: Volume 6 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9780892329687

Annals of Child Development: Volume 7 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9781853020810

Annals of Child Development: Volume 8 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9781853021145

Annals of Child Development: Volume 9 Hardback
Edited by Ross Vasta
ISBN: 9781853022197

Anthropological Approaches to Psychological Medicine: Crossing Bridges Hardback
Edited by Vieda Skultans and John Cox
ISBN: 9781853027079
Paperback available

Approaches to Case Management for People with Disabilities Hardback
Doria Pilling
ISBN: 9781853020995

Are Professors Professional?: The Organisation of University Examinations Hardback
David Warren Piper
ISBN: 9781853025402

Art Therapy and Dramatherapy: Masks of the Soul Hardback
Sue Jennings and Ase Minde
ISBN: 9781853020278
Paperback available

Art Therapy in Practice Hardback
Edited by Marian Liebmann
ISBN: 9781853020575
Paperback available

Art Therapy, Race and Culture Hardback
Edited by Jean Campbell, Marian Liebmann, Frederica Brooks, Jenny Jones and Cathy Ward
ISBN: 9781853025792
Paperback available

ASK ME about Asperger's Syndrome Video

ISBN: 9781853029875

An Asperger Dictionary of Everyday Expressions Paperback
Ian Stuart-Hamilton
ISBN: 9781843101529
2nd edition available

Asperger Syndrome - What Teachers Need to Know Paperback
Matt Winter
ISBN: 9781843101437
1st edition available

Asperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions for Tantrums, Rage and Meltdown Paperback
Brenda Smith Myles and Jack Southwick
ISBN: 9780967251431

Asperger Syndrome and Difficult Moments: Practical Solutions for Tantrums Paperback
Brenda Smith Myles
ISBN: 9781931282703

Asperger Syndrome and Sensory Issues: Practical Solutions for Making Sense of the World Paperback
Brenda Smith Myles, Katherine Tapscott Cook, Nancy E. Miller, Louann Rinner and Lisa A. Robbins
ISBN: 9780967251486

Assessing Quality in Further and Higher Education Hardback
Allan Ashworth and Roger Harvey
ISBN: 9781853025396

Asthma in Children Paperback
Peter van Asperen and Craig Mellis
ISBN: 9781853023811

Attachment and Interaction Paperback
Mario Marrone
With a contribution from Nicola Diamond
ISBN: 9781853025860

Beyond the Wall: Personal Experiences with Autism and Asperger Syndrome Paperback
Stephen M. Shore
ISBN: 9781931282000

Brothers and Sisters in Adoption: Helping Children Navigate Relationships When New Kids Join the Family Hardback
Arleta James
ISBN: 9781849059060

Caged in Chaos: A Dyspraxic Guide to Breaking Free Paperback
Victoria Biggs
ISBN: 9781843103479

Care in the Community for Young People with Learning Disabilities: The Client's Voice Paperback
Janice C Sinson
ISBN: 9781853023101

The Challenge for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy: Solutions for the Future Paperback
Edited by Stefan de Schill and Serge Lebovici
ISBN: 9781853024771

Challenging Ourselves: Towards Gender Equity and Violence-Free Relationships: A Handbook of Practical Activities Paperback
The Metropolitan Toronto School Board
ISBN: 9781853024450

Changing Patterns of the Higher Education System: The Experience of Three Decades Hardback
Ulrich Teichler
ISBN: 9781853025075

Changing Relationships Between Higher Education and the State Hardback
Edited by Mary Henkel and Brenda Little
ISBN: 9781853026447
Paperback available

Check-Mate: A Pocket-Size Guide to Everyday Spellings for Dyslexics Paperback
Alan O'Brien
ISBN: 9781853021657

Child Care: Monitoring Practice Hardback
Edited by Isobel Freeman and Stuart Montgomery
ISBN: 9781853020056

Child Development for Child Care and Protection Workers Paperback
Brigid Daniel, Sally Wassell and Robbie Gilligan
ISBN: 9781853026331

Child Psychiatric Units: At the Crossroads Paperback
Edited by Rosemary Chesson and Douglas Chisholm
ISBN: 9781853023293

The Child's World: Assessing Children in Need Paperback
Edited by Jan Horwath
ISBN: 9781853029578
2nd edition available

Children and Divorce: Chain Reaction Paperback
Ofra Ayalon and Adina Flasher
ISBN: 9781853021367

Children Who Don't Speak Out: About Children being used in Child Pornography Paperback
Carl Svedin and Kristina Back
ISBN: 9789188726582

Children with Special Needs: Assessment, Law and Practice - Caught in the Act Paperback
John Friel
ISBN: 9781853024603

Christian Symbols, Ancient Roots Hardback
Elizabeth Rees
ISBN: 9781853020469

Community Care Practice and the Law Second Edition Paperback
Michael Mandelstam
ISBN: 9781853026478

Community Care Practice and the Law Paperback
Michael Mandelstam
ISBN: 9781843102335
4th edition available

Comparative Education: Contemporary Issues and Trends Paperback
Edited by W D Halls
ISBN: 9781853020100

Competence in Social Work Practice Paperback
Edited by Kieran O'Hagan
ISBN: 9781853023323
2nd edition available

Connecting with Kids through Stories: Using Narratives to Facilitate Attachment in Adopted Children Paperback
Denise B. Lacher, Todd Nichols and Joanne C. May
ISBN: 9781843107972

Contemporary Art Therapy with Adolescents Hardback
Shirley Riley
ISBN: 9781853026362
Paperback available

Counselling - The Deaf Challenge Hardback
Mairian Corker
ISBN: 9781853022234

Counselling Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Paperback
Christiane Sanderson
ISBN: 9781853022524
3rd edition available

Cultural Anthropology and Education Paperback
C Camilleri
ISBN: 9781850911654

Dementia: Challenges and New Directions Paperback
Edited by Susan Hunter
ISBN: 9781853023125

Dictionary of Cognitive Psychology Hardback
Ian Stuart-Hamilton
ISBN: 9781853022029
Paperback available

Dictionary of Developmental Psychology Paperback
Ian Stuart-Hamilton
ISBN: 9781853021466

Dictionary of Psychological Testing, Assessment and Treatment Paperback
Ian Stuart-Hamilton
ISBN: 9781853021473
2nd edition available

Directors of Education: Facing Reform Paperback
Tony Bush, Maurice Kogan and Tony Lenney
ISBN: 9781853025068

Disabled Children and the Law: Research and Good Practice Paperback
Janet Read and Luke Clements
ISBN: 9781853027932
2nd edition available

Disaster and After: Social Work in the Aftermath of Disaster Paperback
Tim Newburn
ISBN: 9781853021701

The Division in British Medicine: A History of the Separation of General Practice from Hospital Care 1911-1968 Paperback
Frank Honigsbaum
ISBN: 9780850381337

A Dragon in Your Heart Paperback
Sophie LeBlanc
ISBN: 9781853027017

Dramatherapy with Families, Groups and Individuals: Waiting in the Wings Hardback
Sue Jennings
ISBN: 9781853020148
Paperback available

Dramatherapy: Clinical Studies Paperback
Edited by Steve Mitchell
ISBN: 9781853023040

Education and Bilingualism Paperback
Miguel Siguan and William F Mackey
ISBN: 9781850912705

Education and Informatics - Worldwide: The State of the Art and Beyond Hardback

ISBN: 9781853020896

Effective Learning: Into a New ERA Paperback
Edited by Tim Everton, Peter Mayne and Steve White
ISBN: 9781853020940

Emotional Milestones from Birth to Adulthood: A Psychodynamic Approach Paperback
Ruth Schmidt Neven
ISBN: 9781853024566

Essentials of Educational Psychology Paperback
Ladislav Duric
ISBN: 9781853020544

Evaluating Higher Education Hardback
Edited by Maurice Kogan
ISBN: 9781853025105

Evaluating Quality in Services for Disabled and Older People Paperback
Edited by Doria Pilling and Graham Watson
ISBN: 9781853022890

Evaluation as Policymaking: Introducing Evaluation into a National Decentralised Educational System Hardback
Edited by Marit Granheim, Maurice Kogan and Ulf Lundgren
ISBN: 9781853025150

Evaluation Hardback
Edited by Joyce Lishman
ISBN: 9781853020063

Experiential Learning Around the World: Employability and the Global Economy Paperback
Edited by Norman Evans
ISBN: 9781853027369

The Family: Context or Client? Paperback
Edited by Gordon Horobin
ISBN: 9781850910268

Forensic Nursing and Multidisciplinary Care of the Mentally Disordered Offender Hardback
Edited by David Robinson and Alyson Kettles
ISBN: 9781853027536
Paperback available

Foundations of Expressive Arts Therapy: Theoretical and Clinical Perspectives Hardback
Edited by Stephen K. Levine and Ellen G. Levine
ISBN: 9781853024641
Paperback available

From a Different Viewpoint: The Lives and Experiences of Visually Impaired People Paperback
Sally French and John Swain
ISBN: 9781853024979

Gerontology: Responding to an Ageing Society Paperback
Edited by Kevin Morgan
ISBN: 9781853021176

The Glass of Heaven: The Faith of the Dramatherapist Paperback
Roger Grainger
ISBN: 9781853022845

Goals and Purposes of Higher Education in the 21st Century Hardback
Edited by Arnold Burgen
ISBN: 9781853025471

Government, Evaluation and Change Hardback
Mary Henkel
ISBN: 9781853025242

Governmental Strategies and Innovation in Higher Education Hardback
Edited by Frans A. van Vught
ISBN: 9781853025136

Graduate Education in Britain Hardback
Tony Becher, Mary Henkel and Maurice Kogan
ISBN: 9781853025310

The Grief Game Board Game
Yvonne Searle and Isabelle Streng
ISBN: 9781853023330

Grief in Children: A Handbook for Adults Paperback
Atle Dyregrov
ISBN: 9781853021138
2nd edition available

Group Homes and Community Integration of Developmentally Disabled People - Micro-Institutionalisation Hardback
Janice C Sinson
ISBN: 9781853021251

Group Psychotherapy of the Psychoses: Concepts, Interventions and Contexts Hardback
Edited by Victor L. Schermer and Malcolm Pines
ISBN: 9781853025839
Paperback available

Growing up with Science: Developing Early Understanding of Science Paperback
Edited by Kjell Harnqvist and Arnold Burgen
ISBN: 9781853024498

Handbook of Theory for Practice Teachers in Social Work Paperback
Edited by Joyce Lishman
ISBN: 9781853020988
2nd edition available

Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation Hardback
Ellen Sarasohn Glazer and Evelina Weidman Sterling
ISBN: 9781849059077

Health Services Privatization in Industrial Societies Hardback
Edited by Joseph L. Scarpaci
ISBN: 9781853020643

Helping Children to Build Self-Esteem: A Photocopiable Activities Book Paperback
Deborah M. Plummer
ISBN: 9781853029271
2nd edition available

Helping Children with Dyspraxia Paperback
Maureen Boon
ISBN: 9781853028816
edition available

Helping Disadvantaged Children: Psycho-social intervention and aid to disadvantaged children in third world countries Paperback
Karsten Hundeide
ISBN: 9781853021268

Higher Education and the Preparation for Work Hardback
Chris J Boys, John Brennan, Mary Henkel, John Kirkland, Maurice Kogan and Penny Youll
ISBN: 9781853025051

Higher Education and Work Hardback
John Brennan, Maurice Kogan and Ulrich Teichler
ISBN: 9781853025372

Higher Education in a Post-Binary Era: National Reforms and Institutional Responses Paperback
Edited by David Teather
ISBN: 9781853024252

Higher Education in Europe Hardback
Edited by Claudius Gellert
ISBN: 9781853025297

Higher Education in Ireland: North and South Paperback
Robert Osborne
ISBN: 9781853023798

Hospital Treatment and Care Paperback
Gwen Howe
ISBN: 9781853027444

How and Why Children Fail Hardback
Edited by Ved Varma
ISBN: 9781853021084
Paperback available

How and Why Children Hate: A Study of Conscious and Unconscious Sources Hardback
Edited by Ved Varma
ISBN: 9781853021169
Paperback available

How to Get Equipment for Disability Paperback
Compiled by Michael Mandelstam
ISBN: 9781853021909

How Well Does Your Child's IEP Measure Up?: Quality Indicators for Effective Service Delivery Paperback
Diane Twachtman-Cullen and Jennifer Twachtman-Reilly
ISBN: 9780966652925

Hurricane Dancing: Glimpses of Life with an Autistic Child Hardback
D. Alison Watt
Photographs by Carole Ruth Fields
ISBN: 9781843107927

The Idea of a University Paperback
Edited by David Smith and Anne Karin Langslow
ISBN: 9781853027284

Impacts of Study Abroad Programmes on Students and Graduates Hardback
Susan Opper, Ulrich Teichler and Jerry Carlson
ISBN: 9781853025235

Implementing the Children (Leaving Care) Act 2000: The experience of eight London boroughs Paperback
Nadeem Hai and Alison Williams
ISBN: 9781904787167

Improvement and Accountability: Navigating Between Scylla and Charybdis Paperback
A I Vroeijenstijn
ISBN: 9781853025464

Improving the Emotional Health and Well-being of Young People in Secure Care: Training for staff in local authority secure children's homes Paperback
Julia Bird and Lynne Gerlach
ISBN: 9781904787310

In Support of Education: The Functioning of Local Government Hardback
Philippa Cordingley and Maurice Kogan
ISBN: 9781853025365

Information Technology Training for People with Disabilities Hardback
Edited by Michael Floyd
ISBN: 9781853021299

Information Technology: Issues for Higher Education Management Hardback
Gordon M Bull, Carry Dallinga-Hunter, Yves Epelboin and Edgar Frackmann
ISBN: 9781853025426

Innovation and Adaptation in Higher Education: The Changing Conditions of Advanced Teaching and Learning in Europe Paperback
Edited by Claudius Gellert
ISBN: 9781853026287

Inside Out: What Makes the Person with Social-Cognitive Deficits Tick? Paperback
Michelle Garcia Winner
ISBN: 9781843100959

Inside Transracial Adoption: Strength-based, Culture-sensitizing Parenting Strategies for Inter-country or Domestic Adoptive Families That Don't "Match" Hardback
Gail Steinberg and Beth Hall
ISBN: 9781849059084
2nd edition available

Integrating Europe through Co-operation among Universities: The Experiences of the TEMPUS Programme Paperback
Barbara M. Kehm, Friedhelm Maiworm, Albert Over, Robert D. Reisz, Wolfgang Steube and Ulrich Teichler
ISBN: 9781853024955

International Education and the University Paperback
Edited by James Calleja
ISBN: 9781853022746

Introducing Network Analysis in Social Work Paperback
Philip Seed
ISBN: 9781853021060

Is Day Care Still at the Crossroads? Paperback
Philip Seed
ISBN: 9781853023736

Just Take a Bite: Easy, Effective Answers to Food Aversions and Eating Challenges Paperback
Lori Ernsperger and Tania Stegen-Hanson
ISBN: 9781932565126

Kids in the Syndrome Mix of ADHD, LD, Asperger's, Tourette's, Bipolar, and More!: The one stop guide for parents, teachers, and other professionals Hardback
Martin L. Kutscher MD
With a contribution from Tony Attwood
With a contribution from Robert R Wolff MD
ISBN: 9781843108108

Laying the Foundations: Sex and Relationships Education in primary schools Paperback
Anna Martinez and Vanessa Cooper
ISBN: 9781904787846

Learning Difficulties and Business Administration Paperback
Kenneth Lysons
ISBN: 9781853021985

Learning Difficulties and Computers: Access to the Curriculum Paperback
David Hawkridge and Tom Vincent
ISBN: 9781853021329

Learning in Europe: The ERASMUS Experience: A Survey of the 1988-89 ERASMUS Students Hardback
Friedhelm Maiworm, Wolfgang Steube and Ulrich Teichler
ISBN: 9781853025273

Learning Through Child Observation Paperback
Mary Fawcett
ISBN: 9781853022883
2nd edition available

Learning To Listen: Positive Approaches and People with Difficult Behaviour Paperback
Herbert Lovett
ISBN: 9781853023743

Literacy, Socialisation and Employment Paperback
Catherine Stercq
ISBN: 9781853022098

A Little Edge of Darkness: A Boy's Triumph Over Dyslexia Paperback
Alexander Faludy and Tanya Faludy
ISBN: 9781853023576

Living With Mental Handicap: Transitions in the Lives of People with Mental Handicap Hardback
Edited by Gordon Horobin and David May
ISBN: 9781853020049

Lone Mothers in European Welfare Regimes: Shifting Policy Logics Hardback
Edited by Jane Lewis
ISBN: 9781853024481
Paperback available

Love After Death: Counselling in Bereavement Paperback
Mary Jones
ISBN: 9781853022876

Major American Higher Education Issues and Challenges in the 21st Century Paperback
Richard I. Miller
ISBN: 9781853024627

Making Charities Effective: A Guide for Charities and Voluntary Bodies Paperback
Peter L George
ISBN: 9781853020193

Making Music with the Young Child with Special Needs: A Guide for Parents Paperback
Elaine Streeter
ISBN: 9781853021879

Managing Disability at Work: Improving Practice in Organisations Paperback
Brenda Smith, Margery Povall and Michael Floyd
ISBN: 9781853021237

Managing High Security Psychiatric Care Hardback
Edited by Charles Kaye and Alan Franey
ISBN: 9781853025822
Paperback available

Medical Art Therapy with Adults Hardback
Edited by Cathy Malchiodi
ISBN: 9781853026782
Paperback available

Meeting the Needs of Ethnic Minority Children Paperback
Edited by Kedar N Dwivedi and Ved Varma
ISBN: 9781853022944

Mental Health at Work: Issues and Initiatives Paperback
Edited by Michael Floyd, Margery Povall and Graham Watson
ISBN: 9781853021770

Mental Health in Your School: A Guide for Teachers and Others Working in Schools Paperback
Young Minds
ISBN: 9781853024078

Mind Reading: The Interactive Guide to Emotions CD-Rom
Simon Baron-Cohen
ISBN: 9781843102151
edition available

A Multidisciplinary Handbook of Child and Adolescent Mental Health for Front-line Professionals Paperback
Nisha Dogra, Andrew Parkin, Fiona Gale and Clay Frake
ISBN: 9781853029295
2nd edition available

Music and Education: A Composer Writes about Musical Education Paperback
D B Kabalevsky
ISBN: 9781853020094

Music for Life: Aspects of Creative Music Therapy with Adult Clients Compact Disc
Gary Ansdell
ISBN: 9781853023002
Paperback available

Music Therapy with Children CD-Rom
David Aldridge
ISBN: 9781853027574

My Brain Tumour Adventures: The Story of a Little Boy Coping with a Brain Tumour Paperback
Sharon Dempsey
Illustrated by Gabbie Collins
ISBN: 9781843101253

The Nearest Relative Handbook Paperback
David Hewitt
ISBN: 9781843105220
2nd edition available

New Information Technology in Management and Practice Hardback
Edited by Gordon Horobin and Stuart Montgomery
ISBN: 9781850910220

Nonfinite Loss and Grief: A Psychoeducational Approach Paperback
Elizabeth J. Bruce and Cynthia L. Schultz
ISBN: 9781843100461

Observation and its Application to Social Work: Rather Like Breathing Hardback
Pat Le Riche and Karen Tanner
ISBN: 9781853026294
Paperback available

Output and Performance Measurement in Government: The State of the Art Hardback
Edited by Martin Cave, Maurice Kogan and Robert Smith
ISBN: 9781853025211

Part-Time Higher Education: Policy, Practice and Experience Paperback
Tom Schuller, David Raffe, Brenda Morgan-Klein and Ian Clark
ISBN: 9781853026690

The Participation Rights of the Child: Rights and Responsibilities in Family and Society Hardback
Målfrid Grude Flekkøy and Natalie Hevener Kaufman
ISBN: 9781853024894
Paperback available

Performance Review and Quality in Social Care Hardback
Edited by Anne Connor and Stewart Black
ISBN: 9781853020179

Persona and Performance: The Meaning of Role in Drama, Therapy and Everyday Life Hardback
Robert J Landy
ISBN: 9781853022296
Paperback available

Play Therapy with Abused Children Paperback
Ann Cattanach
ISBN: 9781853021930
2nd edition available

Playing, Laughing and Learning with Children on the Autism Spectrum: A Practical Resource of Play Ideas for Parents and Carers Paperback
Julia Moor
ISBN: 9781843100607
2nd edition available

The Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument for Occupational Profiling: A Practical Resource for Carers of People with Cognitive Impairment Paperback
Jackie Pool
ISBN: 9781843100805
3rd edition available

The Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument: A Practical Resource for Carers of People with Dementia Paperback
Jackie Pool
ISBN: 9781853028137

Postgraduate Education and Training in the Social Sciences: Processes and Products Hardback
Edited by Robert G Burgess
ISBN: 9781853025334

Poverty, Deprivation and Social Work Hardback
Edited by Ralph Davidson and Angus Erskine
ISBN: 9781853020438

Pretending to be Normal: Living with Asperger's Syndrome Paperback
Liane Holliday Willey
ISBN: 9781853027499

Privatisation Hardback
Edited by Richard Parry
ISBN: 9781853020155

Problems of Sociology in Education Hardback
Roger Girod
ISBN: 9781853020315

Process in the Arts Therapies Hardback
Edited by Ann Cattanach
ISBN: 9781853026249
Paperback available

Psychodynamic Perspectives on Abuse: The Cost of Fear Hardback
Edited by Una McCluskey and Carol-Ann Hooper
ISBN: 9781853026850
Paperback available

Psychogeriatrics: A Practical Handbook Paperback
Donald A Wasylenki, Barry A Martin, Deborah M Clark, E Anne Lennox, Lynda A Perry and Mary K Harrison
ISBN: 9781853020377

Psychology and Social Care Paperback
Edited by David Messer and Fiona Jones
ISBN: 9781853027628

Psychology for Performing Artists: Butterflies and Bouquets Paperback
Glenn D Wilson
ISBN: 9781853021664

The Psychology of Ageing: An Introduction Paperback
Ian Stuart-Hamilton
ISBN: 9781843104261

The Psychology of Ageing: An Introduction Paperback
Ian Stuart-Hamilton
ISBN: 9781853027710

Psychosocial Interventions with Physically Disabled Persons Paperback
Edited by Bruce W Heller, PhD, Louis M Flohr, MD and Leonard S Zegans, MD
ISBN: 9781853020513

Public Expenditure on Higher Education: A Comparative Study in the Member States of the European Community Hardback
Frans Kaiser, Raymond J.G.M. Florax, Jos. B.J. Koelman and Frans A. van Vught
ISBN: 9781853025327

Punishment Under Pressure: The Probation Service in the Inner City Hardback
Bob Broad
ISBN: 9781853020902

Quantity and Quality in Higher Education Paperback
John Radford, Kjell Raaheim, Peter de Vries and Ruth Williams
ISBN: 9781853024337

Race, Culture and Ethnicity in Secure Psychiatric Practice: Working with Difference Hardback
Edited by Charles Kaye and Tony Lingiah
ISBN: 9781853026959
Paperback available

Re-cognizing Richard Courtney: Selected Writings on Drama and Education Paperback
Edited by David Booth and Alistair Martin-Smith
ISBN: 9780921217251

Rediscovering Groups: A Psychoanalyst's Journey Beyond Individual Psychology Hardback
Marshall Edelson and David N. Berg
ISBN: 9781853027253
Paperback available

Responding to Mental Illness Paperback
Edited by Gordon Horobin
ISBN: 9781850910053

Running Your Own Private Residential or Nursing Home Hardback
Colin Barron
ISBN: 9781853020629

The Science and Practice of Gerontology: A Multidisciplinary Approach Hardback
Nancy J Osgood and Ann H L Sontz
ISBN: 9781853020445

The Scientific Education of Girls: An Education Beyond Reproach? Paperback
Edited by French National Commission for UNESCO
ISBN: 9781853023460

Self Analysis for Analysts Paperback
Karl König
ISBN: 9781853024764

The Self on the Page: Theory and Practice of Creative Writing in Personal Development Hardback
Edited by Celia Hunt and Fiona Sampson
ISBN: 9781853024696
Paperback available

Self-Regulation in Higher Education: A Multi-National Perspective on Collaborative Systems of Quality Assurance and Control Hardback
H.R. Kells
ISBN: 9781853025280

Sex, Gender and Care Work Hardback
Edited by Gordon Horobin
ISBN: 9781853020018

Sex, Intimacy and Aged Care Paperback
Barbara Sherman
ISBN: 9781853027840

Sexuality: Your Sons and Daughters with Intellectual Disabilities Paperback
Karin Melberg Schwier and Dave Hingsburger
ISBN: 9781853028960

Sleep Better!: A Guide to Improving Sleep for Children with Special Needs Paperback
V. Mark Durand
ISBN: 9781843101901

Small Steps Forward: Using Games and Activities to Help Your Pre-School Child with Special Needs Paperback
Sarah Newman
ISBN: 9781853026430
2nd edition available

Social Devaluation and Special Education: The Right to Full Mainstream Inclusion and an Honest Statement Paperback
John Hall
ISBN: 9781853023545

Social Security, Disability and Rehabilitation: Conflicts in the Development of Social Policy 1914-1946 Hardback
Helen Bolderson
ISBN: 9781853025174

The Social Skills Game Board Game
Yvonne Searle and Isabelle Streng
ISBN: 9781853023361

Social Work and Health Care Hardback
Edited by Rex Taylor and Jill Ford
ISBN: 9781853020162

Social Work and the European Community Hardback
Edited by Malcolm Hill
ISBN: 9781853020919

Social Work Departments as Organisations Paperback
Edited by Joyce Lishman
ISBN: 9781853020087

Social Work in Rural and Urban Areas Paperback
Edited by Joyce Lishman
ISBN: 9780950599984

Social Work in the Wake of Disasters Paperback
David Tumelty
ISBN: 9781853020605

Social Work with Children and Families: Getting into Practice Paperback
Ian Butler and Gwenda Roberts
ISBN: 9781843101086

Social Work with Children and Families: Getting into Practice Paperback
Ian Butler and Gwenda Roberts
ISBN: 9781853023651

Social Work: Disabled People and Disabling Environments Hardback
Edited by Michael Oliver
ISBN: 9781853020421
Paperback available

The Social Worker's Guide to Children and Families Law Paperback
Lynn Davis
ISBN: 9781843106531

Special Children, Challenged Parents: The Struggles and Rewards of Raising a Child with a Disability Paperback
Robert A. Naseef
ISBN: 9781843100478

Special Needs in the Classroom: A Teacher Education Guide Paperback
Mel Ainscow
ISBN: 9781853022487

Staffing Higher Education: Meeting New Challenges Hardback
Maurice Kogan, Elaine El-Khawas and Ingrid Moses
ISBN: 9781853025419

State Child Care: Looking After Children? Paperback
Carol Hayden, Jim Goddard, Sarah Gorin and Niki Van Der Spek
ISBN: 9781853026706

Storymaking in Bereavement: Dragons Fight in the Meadow Hardback
Alida Gersie
ISBN: 9781853020650
Paperback available

Storymaking in Education and Therapy Hardback
Alida Gersie and Nancy King
ISBN: 9781853025198
Paperback available

Strategies for Teaching Students with Mild to Severe Mental Retardation Paperback
Edited by Robert A Gable and Stephen Warren
ISBN: 9781853021749

Stress in Social Work Paperback
Edited by Richard L Davies
ISBN: 9781853023903

Structure and Financing of Higher Education in Russia, Ukraine and the EU Paperback
Edited by Paul G. Hare
ISBN: 9781853024429

Students, Courses and Jobs: The Relationship Between Higher Education and the Labour Market Hardback
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