Preventing (and managing) behaviour difficulty for children with ASD – A course in using the 5P Approach










Linda Miller (author of Practical Behaviour Management Solutions for Children and Teens with Autism Developing Flexibility Skills in Children and Teens with Autism) is leading a one-day course in using her 5P approach.

Date: Monday 27th June 2016

Time: 9.15am-3.30pm

Venue: The British Psychological Society London Offices
30 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4UE
(Close to Liverpool St, Moorgate & Old Street underground Stations)

Course Fee (includes lunch):
– £155 per delegate (reduction to £140 for multiple bookings)
– Parents & carers: £130 pp


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Little Meerkat and highly anxious children

Little Meerkat’s Big Panic follows three adorable animals that represent the three main areas of the brain, and how they can work together to manage anxiety. In this blog post bestselling author Jane Evans talks about the alarming rates of young children being prescribed psychiatric drugs, as well as her brilliant TEDx talk. 


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Tips for moving out of the family home if you are on the autism spectrum.

For those on the higher-functioning end of the autism spectrum moving out of the family home can be very difficult. David J. Burns, author of the brilliant new JKP title Do Lemon’s Have Feathers shares his experience as a person on the autism spectrum who eventually moved into his own house, and also as a father going through the experience of seeing his own children leave the family home.  

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Sign up for the Autism Movement Therapy® April 2016 UK workshops

LARA-Bowers_Autism-Movement_978-1-84905-728-8_colourjpg-printFounder of Autism Movement Therapy® Inc. Joanne Lara will be in the UK this April to run AMT® certification workshops that will be open to ALL. With no dance experience required to participate the author of Autism Movement Therapy® Method: Waking up the Brain! will guide attendees through this unique program that outlines the functions of the brain specifically pertinent to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and shows how music and independent movement can help strengthen the body and brain connection. This practical and positive programme will give all comers the techniques needed to use AMT® effectively in a range of environments and will provide all who complete the course with a certificate.

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There is more to autism than meets the eye… read the hilarious first chapter of Do Lemons Have Feathers?

Burns-Sercombe_Do-Lemons-Have_978-1-78592-013-4_colourjpg-printYou can now read the first chapter of David J. Burns’ laugh-out-loud funny guide to taking advantage of the gift of autism.  


Click here to read the first chapter:
Chapter 1 – Do Lemons Have Feathers?




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Tackling bereavement with children in school

With an established background in psychology and education , author John Holland has written numerous books for JKP about bereavement and loss. In this blog, John gives insight on his firsthand experience in working with bereaved children in schools – which also happens to be the core topic of his newest book Responding to Loss and Bereavement in Schools.

Holland - Responding to Loss andd Bereavement in Schools - C2W

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Read an extract from Luke Jackson’s brilliant new book Sex, Drugs & Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD): A User Guide to Adulthood

14 years after the publication of his bestselling book Freaks, Geeks & Asperger Syndrome, Luke Jackson is back with the sequel, Sex, Drugs & Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD): A User Guide to Adulthood and you can read an extract from the book only on the JKP blog.
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