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Mental health

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  1.  Understanding OCD

    Understanding OCD

    A Guide for Parents and Professionals

    Edited by Adam Lewin and Eric Storch

    This book provides essential information and guidance to help parents and professionals to understand the diagnosis, treatment and management of childhood obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The book covers the causes and presentation of childhood OCD, as well as OCD related illnesses, and treatments for OCD. Learn More
    Jul 2016, 160pp
  2.  Adult Drug and Alcohol Problems, Children's Needs, Second Edition

    Adult Drug and Alcohol Problems, Children's Needs, Second Edition

    An Interdisciplinary Training Resource for Professionals - with Practice and Assessment Tools, Exercises and Pro Formas

    Joy Barlow MBE, Di Hart and Jane Powell

    A highly practical resource to support practitioners working with families affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse. With practice tools and examples, professionals will find a wealth of information to help them to assess the impact of parental drug and alcohol misuse and make informed decisions about a child's welfare. Learn More
    Jul 2016, 160pp
  3.  Integrated Care in Action

    Integrated Care in Action

    A Practical Guide for Health, Social Care and Housing Support

    Robin Miller, Hilary Brown and Catherine Mangan

    A need for better integration between health, social care and housing services has been widely acknowledged at both government and service levels. This book shows what works in integrating services and how the challenges that organisations, services and individuals face in doing this can be overcome. Learn More
    Jun 2016, Paperback / softback, 9.02in x 5.98in / 229mm x 152mm, 224pp, £22.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-646-5
    Jun 2016, Ebook, 176pp
    ISBN: 978-1-78450-142-6
  4.  Not Today, Celeste!

    Not Today, Celeste!

    A Dog's Tale about Her Human's Depression

    Liza Stevens

    Jun 2016, Hardback, 9.45in x 9.45in / 240mm x 240mm, 40pp, £10.99
    ISBN: 9781785920080
    Jun 2016, Ebook, 40pp
    ISBN: 978-1-78450-247-8
  5.  Hearing Voices, Living Fully

    Hearing Voices, Living Fully

    Living with the Voices in My Head

    Claire Bien. Foreword by Larry Davidson

    Hearing voices - a symptom of schizophrenia, a religious experience, or something else entirely? Claire Bien's riveting memoir provides a fascinating personal perspective on this often-misunderstood condition. Claire's tumultuous journey will help you to understand why auditory hallucinations are not necessarily an indicator of mental illness. Learn More
    Jun 2016, 192pp
  6.  At War with Yourself

    At War with Yourself

    A Comic about Post-Traumatic Stress and the Military

    Samuel C. Williams

    An honest conversation between Samuel C. Williams and his friend, Matt, who has PTSD. Explaining his symptoms and the impact they have had on his life, Matt shares how he has leant to cope with the condition and set himself on a new career path. This comic will be a source of support for anyone affected by PTSD. Learn More
    Apr 2016, 32pp
  7.  With Nature in Mind

    With Nature in Mind

    The Ecotherapy Manual for Mental Health Professionals

    Andy McGeeney. Foreword by Lindsay Royan

    Connecting with nature is proven to promote healing, growth and good mental health. Ecotherapy harnesses these benefits, and this book explains what it is, why it works, and how to introduce it into clinical practice with an emphasis on mindfulness. Be inspired by 100 nature-based activities and guidelines for facilitating outdoor sessions. Learn More
    Apr 2016, 336pp
  8.  Promoting Child and Parent Wellbeing

    Promoting Child and Parent Wellbeing

    How to Use Evidence- and Strengths-Based Strategies in Practice

    Carole Sutton

    Taking a strengths-based approach, this book looks at ways practitioners can enhance children's wellbeing by identifying protective factors and positive ways of working with children and their families. Grounded in research yet accessible, the strategies presented will help to encourage positive behaviour and promote emotional and mental wellbeing. Learn More
    Feb 2016, 232pp
  9.  Frankie's Foibles

    Frankie's Foibles

    A story about a boy who worries

    Kath Grimshaw

    Frankie has a lot of worries. He's worried about stepping on cracks in the pavement and about what will happen if he brushes his teeth for two minutes, rather than three. This brightly illustrated story for children aged 7+ with OCD or anxiety, reveals how Frankie learns to ignore his foibles - those pesky creatures that whisper worries in his ear! Learn More
    2015, Hardback, 9.21in x 6.14in / 234mm x 156mm, 32pp, £9.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-695-3
    2015, Ebook, PDF, 32pp, £9.99
    ISBN: 978-1-78450-210-2
  10.  When Anxiety Attacks

    When Anxiety Attacks

    Terian Koscik

    Terian Koscik describes in graphic form her grapples with anxiety, and how seeking help through a therapist allowed her to come to terms with her anxious feelings. Funny and daringly honest, it will strike a chord with anyone who has been affected by anxiety. Learn More
    2015, Paperback / softback, 6.69in x 9.06in / 170mm x 230mm, 32pp, £7.99
    ISBN: 978-1-84819-284-3
    2015, Ebook, PDF, 32pp, £7.99
    ISBN: 978-0-85701-232-6

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