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What Is It Like to Be Me?

What Is It Like to Be Me?

A Book About a Boy with Asperger's Syndrome

Alenka Klemenc
Illustrated by Urša Rožic

This charmingly illustrated book follows Greg, a young boy with Asperger's syndrome (AS), as he tells us all about the world as he sees and experiences it, from his love of batteries to the challenges he faces at school. With comprehensive sections for parents and professionals, the book helps increase awareness and understanding of AS. more »

2013, Hardback: £12.99/ $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-375-4, 216mm x 279.4mm / 8.5in x 11in, 96pp
Learning About Friendship

Learning About Friendship

Stories to Support Social Skills Training in Children with Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism

K.I. Al-Ghani
Illustrated by Haitham Al-Ghani

This collection of 10 fully-illustrated stories explores friendship issues encountered by children with ASD aged 4-8 and looks at how they can be overcome successfully. Key areas are addressed, including sharing, taking turns, being a tattletale, obsessions, winning and losing, jealousy, personal space, tact and diplomacy, and defining friendship. more »

2010, Paperback: £12.99/ $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-145-3, 246mm x 173mm / 10in x 7in, 144pp
Joey Goes to the Dentist

Joey Goes to the Dentist

Candace Vittorini and Sara Boyer-Quick

Joey explains what to expect during a visit to the dentist - he describes how x-ray machines work, why you need to wear a bib, and lists the different kinds of tools that dentists use. This book will be a source of information for families of children with ASDs or related conditions, and the professionals who work with them, including dentists. more »

2007, Hardback: £9.99/ $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-854-2, 279.4mm x 216mm / 11in x 8.5in, 32pp
Visual Perception Problems in Children with AD/HD, Autism, and Other Learning Disabilities

Visual Perception Problems in Children with AD/HD, Autism, and Other Learning Disabilities

A Guide for Parents and Professionals

Lisa A. Kurtz

This book provides an overview of vision problems in children with developmental disabilities such as AD/HD and specific learning disabilities. It is appropriate for parents and professionals alike and offers non-technical explanations of how vision difficulties are screened for and advice on where to seek appropriate professional care. more »

2006, Paperback: £13.99/ $22.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-826-9, 246mm x 173mm / 10in x 7in, 108pp

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