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Understanding Cerebral Palsy

Understanding Cerebral Palsy

A Guide for Parents and Professionals

Marion Stanton

A great starting point for parents and professionals when they first encounter cerebral palsy, this book provides essential information on causes, types, symptoms and treatments as well as practical tips on everyday considerations such as communication and diet. This positive handbook will help readers more fully understand cerebral palsy. more »

2012, Paperback: £12.99/ $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-060-9, 246mm x 173mm / 10in x 7in, 224pp
Ready, Set, Potty!

Ready, Set, Potty!

Toilet Training for Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disorders

Brenda Batts

Full of ideas on how to adapt toilet training to suit your child, this book outlines methods that have helped even the most despairing of parents and caregivers. Examples of success stories range from two-year-olds to adults aged 20, and show that no matter how difficult it may seem, a little creativity and adaptation can get anyone toilet trained. more »

2010, Paperback: £12.99/ $18.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-833-9, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 144pp
Autism and Diet

Autism and Diet

What You Need to Know

Rosemary Kessick

Written by an autism expert who has witnessed in her own child the improvement that can be made through dietary intervention, this book offers a guide to the science behind the considerations; strategies for implementing a safe diet; a handy list of ingredients to be avoided; as well as a concise bank of essential resources and contacts. more »

2009, Paperback: £9.99/ $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-983-9, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 96pp
Constipation, Withholding and Your Child

Constipation, Withholding and Your Child

A Family Guide to Soiling and Wetting

Anthony Cohn

The book examines the different causes of toileting problems, and provides practical techniques and strategies to help children overcome these problems. It emphasises the importance of diet and gives advice on how to make using the toilet less frightening, the benefits of keeping a stool diary, and what medication to use in different circumstances. more »

2006, Paperback: £9.99/ $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-491-9, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 112pp
Can't Eat, Won't Eat

Can't Eat, Won't Eat

Dietary Difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Brenda Legge

A decade ago the author's son first took a dislike to milk, and then to virtually every other substance she attempted to feed him. Her book was written to reassure other parents that there are lots of people out there in the same boat, and to suggest practical methods of dealing with the problem. more »

2002, Paperback: £14.99/ $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-85302-974-5, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 208pp

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