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Working with Older People

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Transforming the Quality of Life for People with Dementia through Contact with the Natural World

Transforming the Quality of Life for People with Dementia through Contact with the Natural World

Fresh Air on My Face

Edited by Jane Gilliard and Mary Marshall

This important book simply but persuasively demonstrates why we should provide the opportunities for people with dementia to experience the great outdoors. The contributors explore many different ways in which people with dementia can experience and interact with nature. more »

2011, Paperback: £16.99/ $26.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-267-2, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 160pp

Keywords: adult protection, Alzheimer's disease, anxiety, communication, creative therapies, dementia, depression, health care, mental health, occupational therapy, older people, sensory stimulation, spirituality

Risk Assessment and Management for Living Well with Dementia

Risk Assessment and Management for Living Well with Dementia

Charlotte L. Clarke, Heather Wilkinson, John Keady and Catherine E. Gibb

This book outlines some of the key issues in risk perception, assessment and management in dementia care in a way that is both practical and accessible to a wide range of practitioners. It develops an approach to risk that promotes choice for people with dementia whilst also acknowledging the complex challenges care providers face. more »

2011, Paperback: £16.99/ $32.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-005-0, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 128pp

Keywords: adult protection, adults, Alzheimer's disease, carers, dementia, nursing, older people, palliative care, person-centred, risk assessment, social care

Providing Good Care at Night for Older People

Providing Good Care at Night for Older People

Practical Approaches for Use in Nursing and Care Homes

Diana Kerr and Heather Wilkinson

This book provides night staff, their managers and anyone else with an interest in care homes with the information and practical skills they need to deliver appropriate care at night. The authors look at nutrition and hydration, continence, challenging behaviour, medication, night time checking, pain management and end of life care. more »

2010, Paperback: £19.99/ $32.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-064-7, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 192pp

Keywords: adult protection, adults, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, drugs, elder abuse, employment, older people, palliative care, person-centred

Understanding Care Homes

Understanding Care Homes

A Research and Development Perspective

Edited by Katherine Froggatt, Sue Davies and Julienne Meyer

This book draws together a range of research and development initiatives that emphasise the importance of partnership working, and of enabling older people and their families to maintain the highest quality of life. The book investigates how research and development can be undertaken to provide better care for the resident and their family. more »

2008, Paperback: £19.99/ $36.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-553-4, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 272pp

Keywords: adult protection, Alzheimer's disease, carers, dementia, families, nursing, older people, residential care, social care

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  • Working with Older People

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