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Recovery from Depression Using the Narrative Approach

Recovery from Depression Using the Narrative Approach

A Guide for Doctors, Complementary Therapists and Mental Health Professionals

Damien Ridge

The book explores people's experiences of depression, recovery and available treatments. Ridge explains how, by selecting a variety of 'narrative tools', such as talking therapies, people can take control of their condition. By choosing more helpful narratives, they can gain a greater insight into depression, self-management and long-term recovery. more »

2008, Paperback: £19.99/ $38.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-575-6, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 208pp
Working Relationships

Working Relationships

Spirituality in Human Service and Organisational Life

Neil Pembroke

In this illuminating and thoughtful text, Neil Pembroke shows how relationships form the heart of chaplaincy, nursing and social care practice. Developing ideas from Martin Buber and virtue theory he shows how authentic, compassionate self-communication forms the basis of relatedness in human services work. more »

2004, Paperback: £18.99/ $34.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-252-6, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 192pp
Spirituality and Mental Health Care

Spirituality and Mental Health Care

Rediscovering a 'Forgotten' Dimension

John Swinton

In this thoughtful book, Swinton explores the connections between mental health or illness and spirituality and draws on these to provide practical guidance for people working in mental health. He analyses a range of models of care provision that will enable carers to increase their awareness of aspects of spirituality in their caring strategies. more »

2001, Paperback: £18.99/ $34.95
ISBN: 978-1-85302-804-5, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 192pp

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