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Active Support

Active Support

Enabling and Empowering People with Intellectual Disabilities

Jim Mansell and Julie Beadle-Brown

Active Support is a proven model of care that enables and empowers people with intellectual disabilities to participate in all aspects of their lives. This evidence-based approach is particularly effective for working with people with more severe disabilities, and is of growing interest to those responsible for providing support and services. more »

2012, Paperback: £19.99/ $34.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-111-8, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 224pp

Keywords: adult protection, adults, advocacy, anxiety, bullying, carers, challenging behaviour, communication, community care, depression, disability, families, health care, housing, intellectual disabilities, mental health, occupational therapy, personal hygiene, psychology, residential care, risk assessment, self esteem, sensory stimulation, social care, social policy, social skills, social work, supported living, transitions

Activities for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Activities for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Having Fun, Meeting Needs

Helen Sonnet and Ann Taylor

This valuable resource for people working with adults with learning disabilities provides over 60 sessions of fun activities that aim to entertain and stimulate the minds of people with learning disabilities. The sessions are divided into different types of activity including cookery, arts and crafts, drama and dance, and outside events. more »

2009, Paperback: £17.99/ $24.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-975-4, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 160pp

Keywords: adults, community care, creative therapies, disability, intellectual disabilities, occupational therapy, play, residential care, social care, social work

Advocacy in Action

Advocacy in Action

The Fourth Book of Speaking Up: A Plain Text Guide to Advocacy

John Tufail and Kate Lyon

This book looks at problems that can occur in an advocacy partnership, such as dependency on the advocate and conflict between partners. It also discusses advocacy and the law. It is illustrated with colour drawings and case studies showing the positive results of self-advocacy on the individuals themselves, as well as on their families and carers. more »

2007, Paperback: £18.99/ $29.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-478-0, 246mm x 173mm / 10in x 7in, 72pp

Keywords: advocacy, counselling, disability, social work, special education

Ageing with a Lifelong Disability

Ageing with a Lifelong Disability

A Guide to Practice, Program and Policy Issues for Human Services Professionals

Christine Bigby

This pioneering guide provides up to date specialist knowledge about ageing with a disability in the context of the more mainstream knowledge about ageing processes. Christine Bigby uses the concept of 'successful ageing' as a framework in which to consider the issues and practicalities for older people with a lifelong disability. more »

2003, Paperback: £29.99/ $47.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-077-5, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 256pp

Keywords: disability, older people

Ageing, Disability and Spirituality

Ageing, Disability and Spirituality

Addressing the Challenge of Disability in Later Life

Edited by Elizabeth MacKinlay

This collection examines theological and ethical issues of ageing, disability and spirituality, with an emphasis on how ageing affects people who have mental health and developmental disabilities. The book presents ways of moving towards more effective relationships between carers and older people with disabilities. more »

2008, Paperback: £19.99/ $37.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-584-8, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 272pp

Keywords: disability, older people, practical theology, social work, spirituality, theology

Autism and Intensive Interaction

Autism and Intensive Interaction

Using Body Language to Reach Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Phoebe Caldwell

This three part film follows Phoebe Caldwell as she works with children. It charts their journey from initial rejection to intimate interaction. Phoebe demonstrates how, by using the child's own body language and sounds, a 'conversation' can be developed with children who are unable to use conventional communicative methods. more »

2010, DVD: £17.66 + VAT = £21.19/ $39.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-088-3

Keywords: autism, cerebral palsy, challenging behaviour, communication, disability, intellectual disabilities, mental health, mental illness, occupational therapy, sensory issues, sensory stimulation, special education, speech and language therapy

Bereavement, Loss and Learning Disabilities

Bereavement, Loss and Learning Disabilities

A Guide for Professionals and Carers

Robin Grey

Losing a loved one and coping with the subsequent adjustments that follow are a difficult fact of life, but people with learning disabilities face specific difficulties in processing and managing these changes. This book acknowledges the importance of helping relationships in supporting this vulnerable group through periods of loss and bereavement. more »

2010, Paperback: £18.99/ $32.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-020-3, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 176pp

Keywords: adults, Asperger syndrome, autism, bereavement, carers, counselling, death, disability, families, grief, health care, high functioning autism, intellectual disabilities, nonverbal learning disabilities, palliative care, social care, social work

Betraying the NHS

Betraying the NHS

Health Abandoned

Michael Mandelstam

Based on his experiences of helping to fight cuts and closures in Suffolk, Michael Mandelstam delivers a damning verdict on the mismanagement of the NHS at national, regional and local level. He charts the widespread cutbacks and closures, both rural and urban, to clinics, A&E services, beds, wards and scores of community hospitals. more »

2006, Hardback: £22.99/ $39.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-482-7, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 320pp

Keywords: disability, health care, social work law

Brain Injury and Returning to Employment

Brain Injury and Returning to Employment

A Guide for Practitioners

James Japp

The multi-disability nature of acquired brain injury and its complex effects make the return to employment particularly problematic. This book provides a clear overview of the cognitive and psychological difficulties associated with brain injury and discusses how people affected by it can prepare for and remain in employment. more »

2004, Paperback: £21.99/ $35.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-292-2, 216mm x 138mm / 8.5in x 5.5in, 144pp

Keywords: brain injury, counselling, disability, employment, mental health, occupational therapy, social work, trauma

Can I tell you about Asthma?

Can I tell you about Asthma?

A guide for friends, family and professionals

Lesley Mills
Illustrated by Rosy Salaman

Alfie invites readers to learn about asthma from his perspective and describes what it feels like to have an asthma attack, how to use an inhaler, what the common triggers are and how people around him can help. The appealing illustrations make it an ideal introduction for children and a great resource for parents, friends, teachers and nurses. more »

2012, Paperback: £8.99/ $13.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-350-1, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 56pp

Keywords: anxiety, bullying, child development, child psychology, children, disability, education, health care, parenting, pastoral care

New! Can I tell you about ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

Can I tell you about ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

A guide for friends, family and professionals

Jacqueline Rayner
Illustrated by Jason Lythgoe-Hay

Mollie and her family help readers to understand what it is like to have ME/CFS and how it can affect their day-to-day family life. They explain what ME/CFS is and how it can affect people in different ways. This illustrated book is packed with accessible information and will be an ideal introduction to this often misunderstood condition. more »

2014, Paperback: £8.99/ $13.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-452-2, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 64pp

Keywords: carers, child psychology, children, disability, education, families, health care, parenting, pastoral care, PSHE, psychology, sensory issues

Challenge Me! (TM)

Challenge Me! (TM)

Speech and Communication Cards

Amanda Elliott
Illustrated by David Kemp

These cards provide fun challenges for children aged 3-12 with any form of speech problem, whether this is a severe problem which is related to a motor disability or a general delay in speech. The colour illustrated cards and instruction booklet will be an ideal tool for parents and professionals working to improve a child's speaking skills. more »

2009, Card Set: £17.66 + VAT = £21.19/ $31.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-946-4, 138 x 102mm

Keywords: Asperger syndrome, autism, challenging behaviour, children, communication, disability, education, high functioning autism, occupational therapy, social skills, social work, special education, speech and language therapy

Challenges to the Human Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities

Challenges to the Human Rights of People with Intellectual Disabilities

Edited by Frances Owen and Dorothy Griffiths

This book provides a multidisciplinary examination of human rights and the lives of people with intellectual disabilities. It combines historical, psychological, philosophical, social, educational, medical and legal perspectives to form a unique and insightful account of the subject. more »

2008, Paperback: £35.00/ $55.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-590-9, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 288pp

Keywords: advocacy, disability, disability law, intellectual disabilities, law, social policy, social work, social work law

Child Development for Child Care and Protection Workers

Child Development for Child Care and Protection Workers

2nd edition

Brigid Daniel, Sally Wassell and Robbie Gilligan

This is a classic text for students and practitioners in the child care and protection field which summarises important current thinking on child development and applies it directly to practice. The book covers key issues such as resilience and vulnerability and the impact of protective or adverse environments. more »

2010, Paperback: £19.99/ $34.95
ISBN: 978-1-84905-068-5, 246mm x 173mm / 10in x 7in, 288pp

Keywords: addiction, adolescence, adoption, attachment, bereavement, carers, challenging behaviour, child development, child protection, child psychiatry, child psychology, children, children's rights, counselling, disability, divorce, domestic abuse, drugs, early intervention, Early Years Foundation Stage, families, fostering, grief, joint working, looked after children, mental health, mental illness, nursing, parenting, psychology, race, relationships, resilience, risk assessment, safeguarding children, self esteem, self harm, sexuality, social care, social work, teenagers, transitions, trauma, violence, youthwork

Children with Complex and Continuing Health Needs

Children with Complex and Continuing Health Needs

The Experiences of Children, Families and Care Staff

Jaqui Hewitt-Taylor

Focusing on the real life experiences of children and their families, this book provides valuable insight into living with complex and continuing health needs. The author highlights the importance of seeing each child as an individual, with the same rights and needs as any other person, rather than defining them by their health condition. more »

2007, Paperback: £21.99/ $36.95
ISBN: 978-1-84310-502-2, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 208pp

Keywords: child protection, children, disability, families, health care, parenting

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