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JKP collections

Our collections are hand-picked to provide a starting point for some of the key areas of our list.

Autism professional essentials

Subject Areas:
Keywords: Asperger syndrome, autism, autism spectrum disorders

The books every professional working with AS wants on their bookshelf

Mental health and sleeping well

Subject Areas:
Keywords: Asperger syndrome, autism, autism spectrum disorders, depression, health care, mental health, sleep

We all know the importance of sleeping well for health and well being; here are our top picks for books on sleeping well on and off the autism spectrum. 

Working with older people

Subject Areas:
Keywords: adult protection, adults, carers, elder abuse, older people, social care, social work

A small collection of our most popular titles ideal for anyone working with older people.

Supporting people in palliative care

Subject Areas:
Keywords: adults, Alzheimer's disease, carers, communication, death, dementia, health care, nursing, older people, pain management, palliative care, residential care, social care, social work

A collection of some of our bestselling guides to help when supporting people in end of life care.

Holiday reads

Subject Areas:
Keywords: adoption, anxiety, children, Chinese culture

Explore new worlds and experiences with our top picks for your holiday reading

Amazing ideas!

Subject Areas:
Keywords: adults, bodywork, cancer, Chinese medicine, energy work, pain management, Qi

Ideas to change the way you view your body and the world.

Gift books to support your adopted child

Subject Areas:
Keywords: adoption, anxiety, child psychology, children, emotions

These beautifully illustrated, sensitive story books make ideal gifts for your adopted child.

For the stressed out social worker

Subject Areas:
Keywords: anxiety, health care, mindfulness, social care, social work

Our top picks to help you handle stress at work and home.

Autism and mental health

Subject Areas:
Keywords: ADHD, anxiety, autism, autism spectrum disorders, mental health, sleep

A few of our favourite titles on mental health for those on the spectrum.

Dementia support for family and friends

Subject Areas:
Keywords: dementia

Key books for family and friends of a person with Dementia.