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Confidentiality and Mental Health

Confidentiality and Mental Health

Edited by Christopher Cordess

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2000, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 208pp
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The Paradoxes of Confidentiality: A Philosophical Introduction, Bill Fulford, University of Warwick 1. Confidentiality and Contemporary Practice, Christopher Cordess, Sheffield University and Rampton Hospital. 2.The Doctor-Patient Consultation and Disclosure, Roy McClelland, Queen's University of Belfast and Rob Hale. 3. Confidentiality in Community Psychiatry, George Szmukler and Frank Holloway, Maudsley Hospital. 4. Confidentiality and Young People, Sue Bailey, Adolescent Forensic Services, Manchester. 5. Confidentiality and Child Protection, Judith Trowell, The Tavistock Clinic. 6. Confidentiality in Dual Responsibility Settings, Adarsh Kaul, Nottingham Forensic Service. 7. The Misapplication of `Reasonable Mindedness': is Psychoanalysis Possible with the Present Reporting Laws in the United States and the United Kingdom, Christopher Bollas. 8.The Myth of Confidentiality A Social Work View, Jacki Pritchard, Freelance Trainer, Consultant and Researcher. 9. The Limits of Confidentiality in Health Care, Paul Cain, University of Reading. 10. Confidentiality A Legal View, Andrew Hall, Doughty Street Chambers. 11. The Limits of Confidentiality A Legal View, Anthony Harbour, Scott-Moncrieff, Harbour and Sinclair. 12. Confidentiality and Research in Mental Health, Mike Ferriter, Rampton Hospital and Martin Butwell, Broadmoor Hospital. 13. Themes of Confidentiality in Clinical Practice, Julian Stern, The Royal London Hospital, with contributions from Maurice Greenberg, University College London, Rob Hale, Gill McGauley, George Szmukler and Cleo van Velsen. References. Index.

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