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Children, Bereavement and Trauma

Children, Bereavement and Trauma

Nurturing Resilience

Paul Barnard, Ian Morland and Julie Nagy

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1999, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 160pp
ISBN: 978-1-85302-785-7, BIC 2: JKSN2 VFJX

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PART ONE: WORKING WITH CHILDREN. 1. Setting the Scene: A Brief History of Liverpool Children's Project, Paul Barnard and Ian Morland. 2. The Practice of Working with Bereaved Children, Julie Nagy. 3. Disaster: How Can Schools Cope? Elizabeth Capewell. 4. When Children are Involved in Disasters, Compiled by Paul Barnard and Ian Morland. 5. Using an Educational Model to Foster Children's Resilience in the Context of a Bereavement Service, Ian Morland. 6. `Human Nature', Social Theory and Methodology, Collated by Ian Morland. PART TWO: RESOURCES FOR INFORMATION AND ADVICE. 7. The `What Helped Me' Leaflet, Claire, Anne-Marie, Angela, Brian, Michael and Natasha. 8. Planning of Programmes of Work with Children, Julie Nagy with Roger Adams. 9. Five Stages of Grief. 10. Salient Points about Children's Coping. 11. Reading List for Children and Adults. 12. List of Useful Organisations. 13. Useful Internet Websites. 14. Summary: Our Guidelines for Good Practice. 15. Annotated Bibliography.