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Attachment and Interaction

Mario Marrone
Foreword by Malcolm Pines
With a contribution from Nicola Diamond

Number 3 in the International Library of Group Analysis series

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1998, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 240pp
ISBN: 978-1-85302-586-0, BIC 2: JMAF JMH MMJT

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Attachment and Interaction traces the early roots of attachment theory and the work of its creator, John Bowlby, presenting recent theoretical developments and their clinical applications in an accessible style. Bringing new and original ideas to the main theoretical points, the author explores such questions as how attachment theory can guide a critical exploration of how therapists work with their patients, and what the practical implications are of using such an approach.

The book is divided into four parts. In the first, Marrone relates basic concepts from John Bowlby's seminal work to recent developments in attachment theory and research. The second part is an exploration of the relationship between attachment theory and contemporary psychoanalytic ideas, and part three discusses the clinical application of attachment theory to individual and group analysis, including a critique of iatrogenic interventions. In the fourth part Nicola Diamond looks at the way John Bowlby's position conflicted with the psychoanalytic orthodoxy of his time. She further examines controversial issues raised by Bowlby's work, suggesting that in order to appreciate fully his contribution a rethinking of philosophical premises is required.

'There is a beautiful mix in this book, which integrates John Bowlby the individual and the professional. A mix that at times makes Bowlby burst from the pages and almost touch the reader. There was a goodness, humility, drive and sadness about John Bowlby, qualities that Marrone has expertly enlivened in the text. The book's target audience is certainly geared towards psychotherapists yet it remains accessible for the lay person or student to read. It is an absolute must if one wishes to know anything about John Bowlby.'

- Psych-Talk, Newsletter for the Student Members Group of the British Psychological Society

'Here is the story of how Dr John Bowlby really thought and practised. Mairo Marrone's anecdotes of the warmth and kindness he encountered as Bowlby's supervisee show a more personal view than other accounts. The book is immediately accessible helped along by a structure reminiscent of good history-taking. The reader is guided through the developments of Attachment Theory against the theoretical and political background of the Psychoanalytical Society of his day: the warring factions and frictions, mirroring the 1939-45 hostilities ... Many examples and anecdotes supplement the biographical and theoretical detail. There are visits to the teaching of Kohut, Lacan, Ezriel, Stern and many others. Disagreements are documented and explained. Mario Marrone has helpfully summarized the research and development in the years since Bowlby, which support the original theoretical structure, and has shared generously from his own clinical findings.'

- Group Analysis

'Mario Marrone clearly achieves more than his aim of providing the reader with a coherent reference framework. He has written an interesting, comprehensive and easy-to-read book. Attachment and Interaction is relevant and valuable reading for not only individual and group psychotherapists but for those working in statuary child care, adult and child psychiatry, family therapy and any profession where an understanding of inter/intra-personal relationships is essential. Throughout the book both Marrone and Nicola Diamond bring a new and exciting socio-cultural and political perspective to attachment theory which highlights its relevance in modern day contemporary society.'

- International Journal of Psychotherapy

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Attachment and Interaction

From Bowlby to Current Clinical Theory and Practice
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