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Advocacy, Counselling and Mediation in Casework

Processes of Empowerment

Edited by Yvonne Joan Craig
Foreword by Daphne Statham

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1998, 234mm x 156mm / 9.25in x 6in, 200pp
ISBN: 978-1-85302-564-8, BIC 2: JKSN JKSN2

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Acknowledgements. Foreword by Daphne Statham, National Institute for Social Work. Introduction. Yvonne Joan Craig, Elder Mediation Project. Part I The Social Construction of Advocacy, Counselling and Mediation. 1. Advocacy. Vera Ivers, freelance practitioner. 2. Counselling. Tim Bond, University of Durham. 3. Mediation. Marian Liebmann, projects adviser, Mediation UK. Part II The Social Uses of Advocacy, Counselling and Mediation. 4. Child advocacy. Christine Piper, Brunel University. 5. Student counselling: the wailing wall or a force for change? Ann Heyno, University of Westminster. 6. Ending bullying and managing conflict in schools. Val Carpenter, National Coalition Building Institute. 7. Disability, disabled people, advocacy and counselling. Colin Barnes, Leeds University Disability Research Unit. 8. Couples counselling. Gillian Walton, London Marriage Guidance. 9. Family and elder mediation. Yvonne Joan Craig, Elder Mediation Project. 19. Mental health advocacy. David Brandon, Anglia Polytechnic University. 11. Substance use counselling. Graz Kowszun, Morley College. 12. Victim offender mediation. Victim Offender Unit. 13. Healthcare and complaints advocacy: a campaign for real listening and patient participation. Stephanie Ellis, Patients' Association. 14. HIV/AIDS: Advocacy, counselling and mediation with the dying and the bereaved. Bill Kirkpatrick, Reaching Out Centre. 15. Healthcare decision making and mediation. Yvonne Craig, Elder Mediation Project and Masana De Souza, Newham Conflict and Change Project. 16. Stress management and counselling. Stephen Palmer, Centre for Stress Management. 17. Cross-cultural mediation. Masana De Souza, Newham Conflict and Change Project and Yvonne Joan Craig, Elder Mediation Project. 18. Advocacy, empowerment and the development of user-led outcomes. Sue Balloch, NISW, Peter Beresford, Open Services Projectm Clare Evans, Leonard Cheshire Foundation, Tessa Harding, Help the Aged, Martin Heidensohn and Michael Turner, Shaping Our Lives. Conclusion. Yvonne Craig, Elder Mediation Project. The Contributors. Subject index. Author index.